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Permaculture Listservs, Discussion Groups, Social Networking, Podcasts & Wikis, etc.
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Permaculture Forum: A discussion and bulletin board for Permaculture worldwide. Occasionally multilingual with a leaning to German.
Open Permaculture List: managed for less flaming. Be nice. You'll learn a lot more.
United States
The Permaculture Podcast  with Scott Mann. A minimalist aggregator, touchscreen compatible. Interviews with permaculture teachers, designers, etc.
Permaculture comes to USA's Capital! Let's green the nation from the inside out!
How? Join us to share ideas and ethics like cooperation not competition, maximizing valuable connections, working with nature, learning from nature, least work for greatest possible effect, caring for our community and taking care of our needs and products, right livelihood, less waste/less haste, slowing down for higher quality lifestyle.... and much more! Please only join us if you live or work within 100 miles of the center of Washington DC, and have a genuine interest in changing your life and your nation... from the inside out. So join at

South Coast Permaculture Guild and Santa Barbara Permaculture Network. To get Up to Date Permaculture Ongoing Announcements for courses , events and posting of articles of interest try subscribing to our local Permaculture Listserves. ccpg serves San Lois Obispo (, scpg serves Santa Barbara down and including Los Angeles (scpg@arashi,com), and sdpg serves San Diego area (
TO SUBSCRIBE to this mailing listserve, log on at the appropriate regional website to which you wish to subscribe.

SoCal PCG subscription:
SanDiego PCG subscription:
CentralCoast Cal PCG subscription

Contact: South Coast Permaculture Guild and Santa Barbara Permaculture Network 224E Figueroa ST #C Santa Barbara CA 93101 

HopeDance magazine, which is very supportive of Permaculture's expansion, maintains two e-mail lists that enable its readers to easily communicate with each other. One list is for global discussions and the other for local discussions (i.e. pertaining to the Central Coast of California). Go to to sign up.

Fingerlakes N.Y. Permaculture Network: Join an online network connecting people doing on-the-ground permaculture work in the Finger Lakes Region and in surrounding areas of New York, Pennsylvania, Ontario, the Great Lakes, and New England. Visit

Northeastern Permaculture Network Wiki: The network is a group of designers, teachers, students, activists, farmers, homesteaders, and other permaculture enthusiasts who mutually support and collaborate to demonstrate, educate, and inspire permaculture solutions in the Northeast and New England.

Bay Area California Permaculture email lists:
San Francisco:

East Bay:


Sierra Permaculture
Sierra Permaculture is a new Listserve for up-to-date Permaculture and Relocalization happenings in the Sierra Nevada, CA bioregion including:

- PC course and workshop announcements
- Relocalization organizing and coordination
- Permaculture site tours
- Networking and fundraising events
- Related articles and reviews
- Links to PC-related websites, directories and information sources

Addressing the Sierra Nevada Bioregion including Angels Camp, Arnold, Auburn, Bishop, Camp Nelson, Camptonville, Chico, Coulterville, Downieville, Grass Valley, Independence, Jackson, Johnsondale, Kernville, Lone Pine, Mammoth Lakes, Mariposa, Mather, Nevada City, Oakhurst, Oroville, Paradise, Placerville, Portola, Quincy, Sacramento, Sonora, South Lake Tahoe, Susanville, Sutter Creek, Truckee, and Westwood, California.
Arizona Permaculture Group  THE ARIZONA PERMACULTURE NETWORK is a loose affiliation of permaculture practitioners and others interested in the sustainability of Arizona. We are not an organization, but a network connected solely through this listserve.

THIS LISTSERVE was created to support communication, resource sharing, and relationship-building among folks interested in permaculture in Arizona and surrounding regions.

New England Yahoo Groups:[GROUP]
Insert one of the following into the space [GROUP]
GreenPhoenixPermaculture,    HVEcovillage,   EcovillageNWNJ,    nyc_ishmael,   TriStatePermaculture
Northern New York State Rise Up Groups:[GROUP]
Insert one of the following into the space [GROUP]
permaculturehudsonvalley,    northeasternpermaculture,   fingerlakespermaculture (Claudia Joseph)
Bloomington (Indiana) Permaculture Guild:   
Blog:  Events:
Permaculture group for Southern Oregon / Northern California, centered in Ashland:
Siskiyou Permaculture Resources Group
yahoogroup listserv
Eugene Permaculture Guild
Australia / Oceania
Permaculture In New Zealand (PINZ). This forum is primarily for New Zealanders (but anybody else may subscribe) to keep in touch, find and advertise courses and events, and share knowledge. To subscribe go to
Permaculture Mailing List in Germany (German Language) (post articles to this address) To subscribe, send email to ADD YOUR ADDRESS PERMAKULTUR-ML in body of message
Plants For A Future mailing list (of high interest and value to Permaculturists / designers / teachers. VERY recommended.) - which is a general forum with news about the project and discussions on useful plants. Currently fairly low traffic. Comments can also be added to each page on our website, these are useful if you have plant specific information you would like to add. For an index of all the comments added so far see the discussion lists page. - discussion on developing our web site and database. We also have a set of discussion boards linked in with our website and database. Some of these contain very detailed information about specific plants. -- Plants for a Future: 7000 useful plants Web:
Permaculture Academy Forum
A new international Permaculture forum with an emphasis on developing action learning and the permaculture diploma;
UK Permaculture (primarily information exchange) mailto: Subject=subscribe
Latin America

Appropedia is the site for collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction and international development. Appropedia helps us sustain our world. Learn more at our Mission page. Appropedia Blog.   The Permaculture Information Web is a collaborative project to provide a comprehensive resource of permaculture related information. This wiki uses a precise language to describe the different parts of human habitat and that language is used to categorize the articles in this wiki. This narrative identifies the categories and shows how they fit together. Follow links to start exploring the content.

PEOPLE - organizations | members

THINGS - elements | guilds | built structures | patterns

IDEAS - core concepts | environmental context | zones | techniques | tools | Peak Oil

RESOURCES - book reviews | public documents | online resources | design review | blogs | Discussion Groups | Permaculture Wikis

PLACES - all locations | ecoregions | permaculture sites | farming

Permawiki  - the free permaculture designers manual that anyone can edit
The Financial Permaculture Wiki    
Permaculture at Wikipedia   
The Phoenix Permaculture Wiki is a new project created with the intent of developing a shared and readily accessible knowledge base for those interested in practising permaculture in the Phoenix, Az, area.
PermaCultureWiki This wiki shares concepts of PermaCulture in a variety of approaches.
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