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Other Permaculture Resources


Pc Trust of Botswana, Dorothy Ndaba, Willem Boers & Russell Clark
Privat Bag 47, Serowe, Botswana     Ph/fax: int+267 431 463
Forces of Light, Kudzo Agbeve, PO Box B - 15, Tema, Ghana

The Future In Our Hands- FIOH, Ebenezer Nortey-Mensah, PO Box 154,
Trade Fair Site 1a, Accra, Ghana    Ph: int+(23321) 712939 Fax: int+(23321) 712220


Association des Permaculteurs du Cameroun - Association of Permaculturists of Cameroon
A.P.C. Mr. Alain-Didier Essama, P.O. Box 12354 Yaounde Cameroon

The Sustainable Tree Crops Program (STCP) was created to achieve a shared vision for sustainable tree crop development. It is a public-private partnership between industry, producers, researchers, government agencies, public sector institutions and conservation groups. The STCP program framework allows a unique cooperation and coordination of field activities among all the partners.The STCP Regional Program Office is located at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture's (IITA) Humid Forest Ecoregional Center in Yaoundé, Cameroon

Permaculture Egypt
Our methodology is to start by providing successful demonstration farms in Egypt based on the permaculture concepts which act as seeds for spreading the permaculture concept through education and training of Egyptian farmers in the permaculture concepts and practices.


The Integrated Biofarm Enterprise, PO Box 3839, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The BioGas Production team of the DED (German Development service) 19522 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge, Organic Restaurant & Permaculture Gardens
info[at]permalodge[dot]org Tel: +251 (0) 912 21 46 87

SFEL combines an Eco-Lodge, Restaurant, Farm and Permaculture Design training center. It also offers a series of Cultural Immersion Programs, giving an in depth view of the fascinating local Konso culture through lectures, workshops, community based activities and trekking trails, all lead by Konso community members.



Badilisha has been organized to make a valuable contribution to the social, economic, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health of Rusinga Island, Kenya. Our vision is that all people in the world live together in a way that supports mother earth as well as respects each other's (universal) needs. PO BOX 168, 40305, MBITA, Kenya

SACDEP (Sustainable Agriculture Community Develop.Prog.)
Joseph N. Mutura, PO Box 1134, Thika, Kenya      Ph: int+ 254 0151 30541 Fax: int+ 254 0151 30055
OPERATION SRI MADAGASCAR - Offering support for organic and Permaculture local development promoting the system of rice intensification (SRI) with farmers to fight againt poverty in Madagascar. Contact: Email:
OSM seeks to provide support to the Malagasy members of organization TEFY SAINA and to promote the spread of the System of Rice Intensification and agrobiology through press and informational materials as well as projects and partnerships. In the 1980s, Father Henri de Laulanié, a French agronomist working with peasant farmers in Madagascar, developed a method of rice cultivation that revolutionized traditional practices, now known as the SYSTEM OF RICE INTENSIFICATION (SRI). SRI is structured around several simple techniques: early replanting of rice seedlings, replanting on a grid, partial drying of rice paddies. SRI is also entirely ORGANIC, which frees small farmers from the cycle of debt incurred by buying increasingly expensive chemical fertilizers and pesticides. SRI is now used by farmers in over thirty countries, where it has been shown that these techniques can easily double or even triple yields even in the first year of harvest using SRI.


PC Network, June M Walker, Thanthwe, PO Box 46, Monkey Bay, Malawi, Ph/fax: int+ (265) 587 656
PA Malawi, Jann McMichael, PO Box 6, Thyolo, Malawi 
David Paul, Post Office Box 2815, Blantyre, Malawi, Ph: int+(265) 620 677 Fax: int+(265) 634 067
Mr Frank Chinimba, HQ, Landscape, P/Bag 316 Lilongwe 3 Malawi, phone 265 784 200 fax 265 783 328
Ms Hazel Mwawembe, PO Box 1535, Blantyre, Malawi, phone 265 623761 fax 265 623 846
Mr Harrings Kachali, North Design Section, Private bag 2, Mzuzu, Malawi, phone 265 332 178 fax 265 335 025
Lukwe Permaculture Educational Farm, PO BOX 20 Livingstonia N. Malawi

The US Peace Corps Permaculture and Nutrition Team
Suleman House, 10 Chilembwe Rd. PO Box 1015 Blantyre, Malawi Tel/Fax: 265-623-895/950

Sahara Forest
Morocco is the ideal place to start the work of halting the spread of the desert and then reversing it. Morocco is upwind of the rest of the Sahara, so as we increase water retention and rainfall, the winds will carry the results of our work into the desert region, making the work easier.

South Africa

Afristar Foundation, 1 The Needles Walk, Longkloof, Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, 7806
Tel: +27 (0)21 790 9744    E-mail:
Afristar Foundation was founded in 2001 as a South African Section 18a Public Benefit Company, registered as a NGO focused on the design and implementation of sustainable development programmes.
Afristar is an umbrella organization that uses permaculture as a guiding methodology to engage in sustainable development initiatives nationally and in the broader SADC region. Afristar is made up of a broad consultant base of experts and work partners who form task-appropriate project teams and expert panels. (Check out their gorgeous educational posters!)

Bera Agricultural Group (BAG), Molly Letela, c/o- Assumption High School, PO Box 572,
Teyateyaneng, Lesotho 200, South Africa,     Ph: int+ 09266 500 557

Berg-en-Dal Permaculture Ecovillage
As an educational eco-village, we at Berg-en-Dal aim to demonstrate that in a dry and developing country like South Africa, permaculture could go a long way to uplifting rural communities and dealing with the dry terrains that characterise our continent. +27 28 5511678
Ecolink, Michael Masuku, PO Box 727, White River 1240, South Africa
Ph: int+ 027 013 7512120,       Fax: int+027 013 7513287
Food & Trees for Africa / Permaculture Villager
Jeunesse Park, Executive Director, PO Box 2035, Gallo Manor 2052 South Africa
Tel: 27 11 802 8518 Fax: 27 11 8028517 Cell: 082 800 1738

Newsletters can be viewed at     011-803-9749/50//12/3
Oudmouden Community Organic Farm (employs mentally handicapped individuals)
Oude Molden Farm Oude Molden Village, Alexander Road Pinelands, Capetown, South Africa
Permacore, PO Box 13024 Mowbray 7705, Capetown South Africa    
Permaculture Africa, Box 20057 Ashburton 3213, Pietermaritzurg, South Africa
Telephone / Fax + (27 33 326 1136)  Len 082 655 9077 Beth 084 510 5700     PermaCulture Africa is South African based Company that specializes in the teaching of short courses in permaculture and sustainable living, as well as designing urban and rural permaculture environments

Permaculture page (Mind, Body and Spirit Web site in South Africa)

Pc In Action, Jeremy Burnham, PO Box 235, Noordhoek Cape, 7985,
South Africa, Ph: int +(27) 21 789 1818 Fax: int + (27) 21 789 2031 

Rustler's Valley Permaculture Educational Center
PO BOX 672 Ficksburg 9730, Free State, South Africa
The Tree of Tomorrow aspires to become an outstanding and influential reference and resource base that nurtures ideas and knowledge for ecovillage conscious living. Essentially it will be highlighting and concentrating the most inspiring stories and practical information that is rotating the wheel of the Great Turning toward Earth Community.
We explore ancient and emerging wisdom as the guiding essence to our collective transformation toward harmonious Earth Community. By gathering and disseminating grassroots solutions and best practices for natural and self-sufficient living, we work to concentrate the most relevant and practical knowledge into one user-friendly, refined pool of knowledge. PO Box 1, Haga Haga, 5272, South Africa
Where The Green Things Are (blog) Experiments in permaculture, natural farming, food forests and more. A fun experiment taking place in my back yard. Turfing all grass so that all vegetables, herbs, flowers and more interesting good green things can claim their piece of dirt. Contact: Email:
KwaNzira Urban Farming, John Nzira, 50 Pretorious Rd. Midrand, South Africa 2011.
Phone: 0836653356 e-mail: and,
KwaNzira Urban Farming was formed to provide opportunities for individuals and families in urban and rural Africa to live environmentally and economically sustainable lives. We operate a permaculture demonstration site and training centre located outside of Johannesburg where we provide a wide range training programmes.


Mlawula Nature Reserve, Community Outreach Officer, PO Box 312, Simunye, Swaziland
Ph: int+ 268 38885 Fax: int+ 268 61875
National Trust Commission Swaziland, National Environmental Education Programme
Jessenia Lopez or Julie Cairelli,, PO Box 100, Lobamba, Swaziland, Ph: int+ (0)9 268 61178 & 611 51
Fax: int+ (0)9 268 61875
Ekululameni Training Centre, Jon Putnam, Ekululameni, Box 7,Mzimpofu, Swaziland, Tel/Fax:int.+268 53326.


Tanzania Organisation of PC Promoters,
Mr Cleophas Rwechungura, Box 9421, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Ph: int+ 255 51 2 4647, Fax: int+ 255 51 3 8026
Women In Irrigated Agriculture, C/-Irrigation Dept., Mrs Rhoda Kweka, P.O.Box 7709, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania Tel: int.+ 255 051 51136.
Tanzania Society of Organic Farming, PO 208 Peramino, Tanzania
Global Resource Alliance, Musoma, Tanzania
Office Phone 028 262 2787
GRA is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to bringing hope, joy and abundance to the world's most impoverished regions. By sharing ideas, volunteers and financial resources with local, community based organizations we seek to promote natural, holistic and sustainable solutions to the challenges of poverty, malnutrition and disease.


The Talent Calls Clubs, Francis Lukooya, PO Box 31269 Kampala IUI, Uganda, Ph:00256 41 220780
Permaculture Training Centre of Uganda
John Hunwick Kalema Road Lungujja, PO Box 8643, Kampala, Uganda
Tel: int. code + 256 041 272012    Fax: int. code + 256 041 272012 or 254423


Fambidzanai Permaculture Centre - A training center that was established in 1988, envisaging prosperous, self-sustainable, food secure and healthy communities practicing environmental friendly Permaculture systems. Contact: Dovedale Rd, Stapleford Mount Hampden, PO Box CY301, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe Tel: + (263) 439 7037, Email:
Nkayi Rural District Council, (Dept of Sustainable Ag.), Preacherd Donga, PO Box 20, Nkayi, Zimbabwe
Pelum, John Wilson, Box CY 301, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe
Ph: int+ (263) 4 792 223 & (263) 4 794 470 Fax: int+ (263) 4 723 056
Kuyamamurana Store, Ernest Mhungu, Post Bag 778, Kadoma, Zimbabwe
The Natural Farming Network, PO BOX a16140 Avondale Harare, Zimbabwe Ph 023-403-256
Zimbabwe Institute for Pc (ZIP), Mrs CS Mgwerume, PO Box 8515, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe
Ph: int+ (263) 4 397 037 & 726911   Fax int+ (263) 4 726 911
GroundCover Journal Cost: U.S. $30, per year, Permaculture Association of Zimbabwe
Box CY 301 Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe, Telephone/Fax: (+4) 726911
The Permaculture in Schools Program, Mr Aleno Taranja-motsi Mupumbu School P.
Bag 2003, Murombedzi, Zuimba, Zimbabwe

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