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Planetary Permaculture Directory
Planetary Permaculture Directory
North America
(USA - Canada)

Contact me if you wish to have your
permaculture-related business listed here..

Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland & Labrador
Northwest Territories Nova Scotia Nunavut Ontario Prince Edward Island
Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon    

Northern Alberta Permaculture Institute

The Northern Alberta Permaculture Institute is involved in the exploration and application of permaculture principles in a northern urban setting.

Essential Elements Inc.    Sustainability consultants & ecological designers
Kelly Finigan, M.Sc. P.Eng., Permaculture Designer
Marie Lagimodiere, M.E.S., P.Biol., Permaculture Designer & Feng Shui Practitioner
744 - 4 Street NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1P2     1-403-283-7270 fax 283-9783  
Jade Ecology Holdings
James A D Edwards BSc, 4721 48th Street, Olds, AB T4H 1E2
james -at-
Jade Ecology Holdings produces ecology based integrated systems (ecosystems) which have a controlled footprint and sustainability as a goal. Consulting, research and development of sustainable systems of agroforestry, agriculture, integrated urban and rural resource management and ecologically appropriate living environments are key services the company provides. Jade ecology holdings also provides sustainability consultation, education and facilitation services. A main focus of distinction is the use of systems that utilize resources from natural refuse. Creating forest gardens and guilds from lawns, comfortable compost systems for tomato growers and educating ranchers about renewable energy and climate change are all services that Jade ecology holdings provides.
Robel Environmental
Roland Schmidt-Bellach, P.Geol., PDC, B.Sc Box 601 Vulcan, Alberta Canada, T0L 2B0
Ph: 1 403 485 6731
The Urban Farmer is a small, family-run business based in Edmonton, Alberta, operated as a sole proprietorship, and licensed through the City of Edmonton. (780) 221-4800 email

Ron Berezan is the owner and operator of The Urban Farmer and is assisted by other colleagues as required in the operation of this business. Ron has been gardening organically in Alberta for over 20 years and has taken training in the “Grow Bio-intensive” organic gardening method at Ecology Action in Willits, California, and in Permaculture Design through the Kootenay Permaculture Institute and the Occidental Arts and Ecology Centre.

British Columbia

Post Carbon Institute

Post Carbon Institute, 3683 West Fourth Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V6R 1P2.
Tel (604) 736-9000 Fax (604) 736-9001 Initiated by Julian Darley, author of High Noon for Natural Gas: the New Energy Crisis and co-author of Relocalize Now! Getting Ready for Climate Change and the End of Cheap Oil.. Post Carbon Institute is a think, action and education tank offering research, project tools, education and information to implement proactive strategies to adapt to an energy constrained world.

Julian is also creator of

Global Public Media

GIobalPublicMedia is part of a response to the difficulties that both public and profit-making news and other media have when trying to offer analysis and understanding which is not driven by the need to 'entertain', increase ratings, save money, make profit and satisfy shareholders.

EcoReality- 2152 Fulford-Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1Z7Canada
We are developing an ecovillage in the South Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. The ecovillage is working to be a model of co-operative, sustainable land use and features public outreach and education as included goals. Small 2 hectare Permaculture site, design services, training, internships, WWOOFing.

Canadian Organic Growers and the Certified Organic Associations of BC working together to encourage organic and alternative food production in Canada by improving accessibility to organic farming content online.

Special section on aquaculture

Heart Gardens: Permaculture Living Classroom and Outreach Education Site
Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Nestled in the Heart of Roberts Creek, a small mountain village in the Elphinstone Rainforest of British Columbia's Sunshine Coast, is a permaculture demonstration site
featuring an integrated compost system, hugelkultur, rain barrels and a wide selection of native plants with a history of use by the Coastal First Peoples. The project headquarters is a permaculture education center located right next to the 32 garden areas which feature over 220 different permaculture plants.
Kootenay Permaculture Institute, Box 43 Winlaw, British Columbia, Canada V0G 2J0 Phone & Fax: (250) 226-7302
Gregoire Lamoureux
The Kootenay Permaculture Institute was formed in 1991 to develop a model for research and education in the field of sustainable living in British Columbia, Canada. The Institute is designing and implementing permaculture principles and techniques on a ten acre piece of land in the Slocan Valley. It is an ideal site for people to come to learn and practice permaculture. The Institute keeps in touch with both the local and the international network of people working with various approaches to sustainable living.
Linnaea FarmLinnaea Farm
Liz Richardson, PO Box 98,Mansons Landing, BC, Canada VOP 1KO
Ph: int + 604 935 6370  phone (250) 935-6747 · fax (250) 935-6413
Permaculture British Columbia,
Permaculture BC is a community hub for permaculture in the western most province in Canada. With a host of practitioners and projects British Columbia is a hot bed of permaculture work. For information on permaculture activities in BC visit our website. Permaculture Before Compost!
Javan K. Bernakevitch B. Comn, PDC, PTT, Land Designer & Teacher, ph - 250.213.3652
Sustainable Forest -Farm-Garden Design
Yaya Balinci, Vancouver, BC 604.253.2536
Vancouver BC Permaculture Network:
Harold Waldock pager, 645-9529
Phone Harold Waldock at pgr 645 9529
O.U.R. ecovillageO.U.R. Eco Village
Box 530, Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada, V0R 2W0
Phone 250-743-3067 Fax: 250-743-3019

Scythe Connection
We are not an "organization", although we co-organize some events and learning processes, and have conducted and motivated scythe-related research and design development. For lack of a better term to accurately describe our work, we use "network" to describe a very loosely-structured, ever-changing web of learning and working relationships. Far more of these are with people in Europe than in North America, some dating back to my first journey to Austria (Jan./Feb. 1999). We may work intensively with representatives of one or more institutions for several months while organizing an event; then our connections sometimes fade and new ones are born. Of all those contacts, only a few have remained steady and reliable. A percentage of them, however, can only be maintained by periodic visits in person, because some of the people do not have computers, or don't write letters. Overall, the telephone has been by far the most useful means of keeping the energy moving (learning of new developments, getting more people involved and sharing useful information).

Yarrow EcoVillage is located 90 kilometres east of Vancouver and 18 km west of downtown Chilliwack, in Yarrow, British Columbia, Canada. Yarrow has a picturesque setting in the Fraser Valley with a panorama of mountain and valley views. Yarrow EcoVillage is in Ecoregion #196, Lower Mainland, of the Pacific Maritime Ecozone.
42312 Yarrow Central Road           604 824-0800

University of Manitoba
Living Rural Communities and Environments

Lance Meredith, Chatham-Kent Permaculture
Permaculture Design for the home, farm and commercial spaces including edible landscape design, and permaculture workshops.
Chatham, Ontario, 519-352-6461 Email: ckpermaculture[at]yahoo[dot]ca
Ecology Retreat Center Ecology Retreat Center
RR#1 Orangevill-e, Ontario, Canada L9W 2Y8
(519) 941-4560 Fax: (519) 942-3951
EcoEdge Design Ltd., 1058 Whitings Road Unit 11, Torrance, ON P0C 1M0
(416) 455-1969
Permaculture Reflections
Permaculture Community Action Worknet
Richard Griffith, President, founder, 104 Bridlwood Blvd., Agincourt, Ontario, Canada, ON M1T 1R1
Phone (416) 497-5746
Permaculture Canada
The mission of Permaculture Canada is to facilitate information flow and networking among permaculture practitioners and those interested in learning more about permaculture across Canada.
Additionally, it is our goal to create online learning, presentation, community development and information sharing tools for anyone involved in or interested in permaculture or any of the specific areas of sustainable design that permaculture encompasses.
Contact Jennifer Osborn, 5060 Jones Vaseline, Guelph,Ontario N1H 6H8
 canada eco-industrial netNew Urban AgendaGreen Roofs for Healthy Cities
The Cardinal Group Inc.
1560 Bayview Ave. Suite 305, Toronto, Ontario Canada M4G 3B7
Phone: (416) 971-4494 Fax: (416) 971-9844
U of GuelphOntario Agricultural collegeRocks for Crops is a partnership initiative in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Canada co-ordinated by the Rocks for Crops team from the departments of Land Resource Sciences and Rural Extension Studies in the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, and supported by Commonwealth of Learning.
People and Planet, PO Box 21006, RPO Ottawa South, Ottawa ON, Canada K1S 5N1
People & Planet is a unique gateway to environment, sustainability, conservation and peace, in Canada and beyond. We are probably best known for our listings of jobs, contracts and internships, volunteer opportunities, and events. Each of these has a corresponding section of the website, and an e-mail list. We also offer Gateways & Guides on a wide range of related topics. – GoodWork is Canada's most popular green job site. Since 2001, we've been connecting passionate, green-minded people with opportunities to contribute and be employed. We're best known for our listings of green jobs, contracts, internships, and other opportunities. These are available on the web and by e-mail. We also provide a unique collection of networking resources for job seekers, employers and interested others. – Green volunteer and participation opportunities from across Canada. Since 2005. – Ecological and organic property from across Canada and beyond. Includes land, buildings and businesses for sale, for rent, to share, land trusts, cooperatives, conservation projects and proposals, and more. Since 2005.

Fourth Pig Worker Co-op, 17 Rushbrooke Avenue Toronto Ontario M49 3A8
416-778-5223   email: info[at]fourthpig[dot]org
The Fourth Pig Worker Co-op (a non-profit organization) fulfills contracts in sustainable building design, education and construction, natural building materials design and installation, and renewable energy installation. Fourth Pig provides consultation and training for clients in the green building and alternative energy sectors.

New Brunswick
Falls Brook CentreFalls Brook Centre
125 South Knowlesville Road Knowlesville New Brunswick, Canada, E7L 1B1
Tel: (506)375-4310 Fax: (506)375-4221 E-mail:
Bob Ewing / Urban Permaculture Design
48 Peters St #1, Saint John NB. E2L 2Z9
Prince Edward Island
Institute for Bioregional Studies
Phil Ferraro, Director, 449 University Avenue Suite 126, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island,
C1A 8K3, Canada          Ph: int+ 1 (902) 892 9578   
Montreal Permaculture Guild
is a group of active people dedicated to learning about, promoting and practicing sustainable living in and around Montreal.

We are quickly becoming a centre of education, of resource- and skill-sharing, a gathering place for energy, ideas & motivation. As an urban-based group, we are particularly interested in researching, developing & promoting practices that are suited for Montreal's unique environment. We seek to empower people to make their communities as self-sufficient as possible, so that they are better able to provide adequate food, water, energy, & waste-management systems as we enter an era of declining resources.

We have a courtyard garden that contributes to the MUCS ( Dining Coop and offer weekly classes/workshops on urban sustainability based on Permaculture principles. Check out our web site to see the curriculum and register or email us for more information!
Email: montrealpermacultureguild[at]gmail[dot]com
Web site:
P3 Permaculture Design is a social enterprise with a mission to design, share and grow, appropriate ecological solutions that profit the planet and its inhabitants. 438.878.4699, 5795 ave. de Gaspé, Suite 126, Montréal (Quebec) H2S 2X3l, Graham Calder
Twitter -
Facebook -
Linkedin -
Centre Nature et Santé S.E.N.C.
St-Jérôme (Québec), Canada
Courriel :

Au départ, notre idée était d'ouvrir un centre dans la région des Laurentides afin d'offrir des cours d'alimentation naturelle, d'herboristerie et de jardinage écologique et de vendre des livres et des produits naturels et écologiques.

Fondation RHA pour la Reconstruction Harmonieuse de l'Agriculture
120, rue Ledoux, Beloeil, (Québec) J3G 0A4
Téléphone : 450 446-4441 poste 307
Télécopieur : 450 446-4466

En 1993, un groupe d’étudiants et un propriétaire de ferme, en l’occurrence Bernard Alonso, ont été fascinés par le concept de permaculture de Bill Mollison. Le groupe voulait expérimenter les principes de la « permaculture » inspirés par celui-ci et qui s’harmonisaient si bien avec l’environnement. À ce moment, Stewart Hill, du Collège Macdonald de l’Université McGill, avait mentionné une formation en Colombie-Britannique pour les intéressés. Le coût de l’opération étant trop élevé, le groupe décide de démarrer un organisme à but non lucratif afin de permettre au professeur de la Colombie-Britannique de venir donner la formation au Québec.

A pour mission de :Proclamer et promouvoir une agriculture et un mode de vie qui s’harmonisent avec l’équilibre écologique dans son ensemble tout en respectant l’environnement.

USA    Click on the list below to find contacts in particular states 
Alabama - Alaska - Arizona - Arkansas - California - Colorado - Connecticut - Delaware - Florida - Georgia - Hawaii - Idaho - Illinois - Indiana - Iowa - Kansas - Kentucky - Louisiana - Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts - Michigan - Minnesota - Mississippi - Missouri - Montana - Nebraska - Nevada - New Hampshire - New Jersey - New Mexico - New York - North Carolina - North Dakota - Ohio - Oklahoma - Oregon - Pennsylvania - Rhode Island - South Carolina - South Dakota - Tennessee - Texas - Utah - Vermont - Virginia - Washington - Washington DC - West Virginia - Wisconsin - Wyoming
Alabama (help us find contacts for this region, please)
The Eldenbridge Institute
The Eldenbridge Institute, in Huntsville, Alabama, provides training to support the development of healthy and sustainable culture. Our courses and consulting services cover four main areas that together provide a foundation for addressing many of the emerging challenges of the modern world. P O Box 1756, Madison AL 35758
Middle Earth Healing & Learning Center
PO Box 86 Citronelle, Al 36522
Alaska (help us find contacts for this region, please)
Arizona Permaculture Network
Silverbell Trading, Barbara Rose, 7007 Oracle Road,, Tucson AZ 85704, Ph: int + (1) 502 797 6852

Ecohood Arizona
The Eco Hood is a living prototype and living reality in Prescott, AZ where permaculture activist Andrew Millison is our guide and host. Over the next two years, he’ll be periodically updating a video-blog on the progress of this revolutionary concept and work-in-progress. Could Prescott’s EcoHood be a model for sustainability on the national and even global level?

Millison Ecological Inc.
A licensed residential landscape design and construction company based in Prescott, AZ. We specialize in landscapes based on permaculture principles that encourage sustainable landscaping and gardening practices. We create beautiful and artistic landscapes, install rainwater catchment and greywater systems, restore native ecosystems, and teach basic permaculture workshops.

Phoenix Permaculture Guild

The Phoenix Permaculture Guild (P.P.G.) is to be a source of information, teaching and demonstrating the urgent need for sustainable systems. The Phoenix Permaculture Guild Emissary will volunteer time and energy, individually and collectively in the furtherance of the public's knowledge of sustainability, through Permaculture principles and practices.

Design Works Consult. & Urban Pc Demo Site, Dan Dorsey, 221 E Linden, Tucson, Arizona 85705, U.S.A. Ph: int+ 1 602 624 8030 / ShadeTree Publishing
Greg Peterson,
5515 N 7th Street Suite 5144, Phoenix, AZ 85014
602/279-3713 Fax: 602/279-1874
The Sonoran Permaculture Guild is a group of highly commited individuals who share a common vision of making the world a better place through permaculture techniques.
Urban FarmThe Urban Farm
Mostly educational, teaching urban agriculture, organic gardening, urban orcharding, permaculture and sustainability. The Urban Farm is a showcase for people to see how to design and implement edible landscapes. The food grown here is distributed to local restaurants and farmers markets. Tours are available for a $5 donation on the first Saturday of each month or for groups by appointment.
5515 N 7th Street Suite 5144, Phoenix, AZ 85014
Greg Peterson              602-565-7045
Seeds Trust, Inc., PO Box 596, Cornville, AZ 86325

David W. Crimmins -Permaculture Design, 1390 Valley Ranch Circle, Prescott, AZ 86303


Arkansas (help us find contacts for this region, please)
Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA) The ATTRA Project is operated by the National Center for Appropriate Technology under a grant from the Rural Business - Cooperative Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture. These organizations do not recommend or endorse products, companies, or individuals. ATTRA is located in the Ozark Mountains on the University of Arkansas campus in Fayetteville, at PO Box 3657, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 72702. ATTRA staff prefer to receive requests for information about sustainable agriculture via the toll-free number 800-346-9140.
Ozark Permaculture Guild is launching an urban demonstration project in Fayetteville--a hip, university town NW Arkansas (climate zone 7, 42" of rain/year, latitude 36N). Our vision is to create something similar to the Integral Urban House in Berkeley in the 1970's (part of the Farallones Institute) but with a focus on permaculture. We seek additional members who have the passion and skills to help make this happen. The Fayetteville property has a farmhouse, small cottage, and outbuildings on about 1 acre with the possibility of purchasing/ renting an adjacent 2 acres to the west and house to the east. The property also has a swimming pool and two wells. One of the major design elements is converting the pool into an aquaponics system, using rainwater harvested from a nearby roofs. Gardens are in place. Also envisioned: an edible forest garden, bees, greenhouse, poultry, etc.
Pattern Literacy logo

Toby HemenwayToby Hemenway  / Pattern Literacy
Author of Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture and The Permaulture City.
After obtaining a degree in biology from Tufts University, Toby worked for many years as a researcher in genetics and immunology, first in academic laboratories including Harvard and the University of Washington in Seattle, and then at Immunex, a major medical biotech company. At about the time he was growing dissatisfied with the direction biotechnology was taking, he discovered permaculture, a design approach based on ecological principles that creates sustainable landscapes, homes, and workplaces. A career change followed, and Toby and his wife, Kiel, spent ten years creating a rural permaculture site in southern Oregon. He was the editor of Permaculture Activist, a journal of ecological design and sustainable culture, from 1999 to 2004. He moved to Portland, Oregon in 2004, and spent six years developing urban sustainability resources there. Toby and his wife now live in Sebastopol, California.

BALLE, 165 11th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
phone: 415.255.1108 fax: 415.863.1356,

The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, or BALLE, is the world’s fastest growing network of sustainable businesses committed to building local economies and transforming the community economic development field. BALLE is comprised of nearly 60 local networks of independent businesses in a variety of locales across the US and Canada, and represents more than 20,000 entrepreneurs

BALLE believes that local, independent businesses are among our most potent change agents, uniquely prepared to take on the challenges of the twenty-first century with a nimbleness, sense of place, and relationship-based approach others lack. They are more than employers and profit-makers; they are neighbors, community builders and the starting point for social innovation, aligning commerce with the common good and bringing transparency, accountability, and a caring human face to the marketplace.

Richard HeinbergRichard Heinberg, 1604 Jennings Avenue, Santa Rosa CA 95401 USA
Richard Heinberg is one of the world's foremost Peak Oil (oil depletion) educators and is a Research Fellow of Post Carbon Institute. He is the award-winning author of seven books including The Party's Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies; Powerdown: Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon World; and The Oil Depletion Protocol: A Plan to Avert Oil Wars, Terrorism, and Economic Collapse.
He is a journalist, educator, lecturer, and a Core Faculty member of New College of California, where he teaches a program on "Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community."
Peak MomentPeak Moment Conversations
A television series on positive responses to energy decline and climate change through local community action. * local food production * renewable energy * transportation alternatives * "green" building * local currencies and investing * personal responses * business & governmental * and more!
Peak Moment Television, 15504 Lone Bobcat Way, Nevada City, CA 95959   530-265-4244 We welcome opportunities to disseminate these programs far and wide! 
Architecture for Humanity, 900 Bridgeway, Suite 2, Sausalito, CA 94965-2100, USA
T. +1.415.332.6273   F. +1 415.332.6283
Architecture for Humanity is a charitable organization that seeks architectural solutions to humanitarian crisis and brings design services to communities in need. Through competitions, workshops, educational forums, partnerships with community organizations and other activities, Architecture for Humanity creates opportunities for architects and designers from around the world to help communities in need. We believe that where resources and expertise are scarce, innovative, sustainable and collaborative design can make a difference.
Village Homes Assoc.
2665 Portage Bay Ave, STE 6, Davis, California, 95616 USA
Tel: int+ 1 916 753 6345
OAECgarden bedsOccidental Arts and Ecology Center
Coleman Valley Rd., Occidental, CA 95465. 15290Offers Permaculture Design Courses with Brock Dolman, Doug Gosling, Penny Livingston and others at The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center (OAEC) is an educational institute and intentional Adam Wolpert - Gardencommunity. Founded in 1994 by a group of biologists, artists, activists, educators and horticulturists, OAEC serves as a multi-purpose gathering place for people seeking innovative and practical approaches to the social, economic, environmental and spiritual challenges of our day. The Center and the residential intentional community approach the acts of everyday living and work with renewed attention to our consumption, "waste," land use practices, and interpersonal dynamics, while searching for creative solutions and experimenting with new models. 707-874-1557, fax -1558,

OAEC garden painted by Adam Wolpert

Regenerative Design Institute
PO Box 923 Bolinas, CA 94924
415 868-9681

Executive Directors: Penny Livingston-Stark and James Stark.

RDI is a non-profit educational organization with the vision that all people can live in a mutually enhancing relationship with the earth. We envision a world in which people, inspired by nature, create and maintain healthy and abundant livelihoods that enhance fertility and biodiversity on the planet. We envision humans as a positive, healing presence on Earth, creating more abundance on the planet than would be possible without them.

Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for a revolution in the way humans relate to the natural world. As we continue to develop Commonweal Garden into an educational center and demonstration site in permaculture and regenerative design, we serve as an inspiration of possibility for how people can live in a mutually enhancing relationship with the Earth. Through our programs and courses, we teach the skills and technology people need to become community leaders and create healthy solutions to the current environmental crisis.

Urban Permaculture Guild
The Urban Permaculture Guild is an organized group action that educates and inspires communities and individuals to creatively transform how they live and the urban places where they live. We facilitate artistic and ecologically-oriented placemaking and educational projects that honor the interconnection of human communities and the natural world.
Katherine Steele, 6421 Hillegass Ave, Oakland, CA 94618
Ecocity BuildersEcocity Builders is a small nonprofit started by Richard Register with a big message to get out to the world. If you are interested in helping financially, please give us a call. We'd love to talk to you more about our work. Renew/rejoin at If you are not currently a member, please consider becoming one!

You can also mail your donation to Ecocity Builders, P.O. Box 697, Oakland, CA 94604. Contact Kirstin Miller

Equinox Landscape
1811 Grand Avenue, Suite B, San Rafael CA 94901      415-456-6480
Committed to creating outdoor living spaces that honor our clients and the environment in Marin and Sonoma Counties. We specialize in organic, sustainable gardens that create healthier living for our clients, their children, their pets and the earth.

Earth FlowLarry SantoyoEarthflow Design Works
the Artistry of Ecology
(800) 469-5857 EarthFlow Design Works is a unique consortium of Artists, Ecologists and Green Builders offering Consultation, Design and Project Management Services for Residential, Ranch and Retreat Projects.

EarthFlow Design Works also offers comprehensive education and training programs for students, teachers, homeowners and design professionals.

DESIGN and CONSULTATION SERVICES, Larry Santoyo is an internationally recognized Land Use Planner and Environmental Business Consultant. He has taught environmental design courses at UC Berkeley and Cal Poly. He is one of this nation's premier Permaculture designers and teachers and has over twenty years experience in resource protection and natural systems management. Larry is an ex-lawman (and ex-outlaw) whose unique insight and humor embodies the Permaculture oral tradition at its finest. Check out his website at

Sentient Landscape

Ecologically Sound / Resource Rich
Design For Sustainability
Sentient Landscape: We work on projects of all scales: Residential Landscape; Commercial Developments; Farm Design; Community/Co-Housing Projects; Public Projects and Schools; Decorative and Storage Ponds of All Sizes; Waterfalls, Fountains and Water Elements; Automatic Irrigation Systems; Drainage Design; Rainwater Harvesting and Storage; Replicated Wetlands / Grey Water Systems; Aquaculture; Creek Restoration. Alternative Construction: Strawbale Construction; Vaulted Strawbale Construction; Cob (Earth) Construction; Cob (Earth) Oven; Living Structures; Bio-remediation; Grey Water Systems; Gardens; Food and Resource Production; Integrated Animal Management; Animal Tractoring and Rotation... Kamala Bennett and Geoff Hall, P.O. Box 83, Bodega, CA 94922       Ph./Fax (707) 874-1244
Starhawk5th Sacred Thing Starhawk
Author of The Spiral Dance, Dreaming the Dark, Truth or Dare, The Fifth Sacred Thing, Walking to Mercury, The Twelve Wild Swans, The Pagan Book of Living and Dying, Webs of Power
You can write Starhawk c/o: Reclaiming P.O. Box 14404 San Francisco, CA 94114
Starhawk's Permaculture Resources and Earth Activist Trainings
Catchtail GardensCatchtail Gardens PO Box 2426, Sebastopol, Ca 95473
707/824-4408    or
Bill roley & familyPermaculture Institute of Southern California
1027 Summit Way; Laguna Beach, CA 92651.
Director: Dr.Bill Roley: 714-494-1443.
Ph: int+ (1) 949-494-5843, fax -0129
Far West Bulb FarmFar West Bulb Farm is a part–time project (really, a hobby that is out of control) owned and run by Nancy and Ames Gilbert. Many years ago, we had a complete–line California Native Plant Nursery, but were unable to make a reasonable return on our investment of time, money and energy. This meant getting "regular" jobs (Nancy is the landscape architect at a local Air Force base, and Ames is his own boss, making electrical assemblies). So, we scaled back to just one deep interest, Native Bulbs. They have a great advantage, they don't need constant summer watering!
14499 Lower Colfax Rd, Grass Valley, CA 95945    (530) 272-4775
ViewCraftViewCraft (information cartography) Nicolas Papadopoulos
LLC 301C N. Main Street Sebastopol, CA 95472    Tel: 707.824.9634 Fax: 707.824.1049
Christopher Peck, designer/consultant in Permaculture and Holistic Management
Holistic Solutions
POB 2286 Sebastopol, California 95473 phone:1.800.736.7892 fax: 1.801.761.3221
Holocene DesignHolocene Design Co.
2513 San Mateo, Richmond, California 94804 USA 510 527 5887
Holocene Design aims to help our clients incorporate sustainable principles into their organizational goals and objectives. 
John Swearingen       Skillful Means--Architecture and Construction
As leaders in straw-bale construction in California, we want to pass some of our experience on to others. We hope you will find our web site useful and enjoyable….. PO Box 207 Junction City, CA 96048
Common GroundCommon Ground Organic Garden Supply and Education Center
Patricia Becker, Manager 559 College Avenue * Palo Alto, CA * 94306
ph: (650) 493-6072 fax: (650) 493-6073
Sandy Bar Ranch & NurserySandy Bar Ranch & Nursery + Klamath Institute
Owner: Blythe Reis, PO Box 347, Orleans, CA 95556 USA
Phone 530-627-3379 Fax 530-627-3379
We're is nestled in a beautiful valley carved out by the Klamath River deep in the Klamath/Siskiyou Mountains. Our riverside cabins are equipped with a kitchen/living room, bedroom, bathroom and outdoor deck. At the Ranch, you'll find an organic garden, a small flock of chickens and goats, a fruit tree nursery and a small craft shop. Swimming, hiking, fishing, rafting, canoeing,and biking are the main activities. Work Exchange Opportunities. Check out our website at 
MetroFarmMetroFarm / Saturday Food Chain Radio show
Michael Olson
PO Box 1244 Santa Cruz, CA 95061 831 4271620
The Saturday Food Chain is an audience-interactive radio program that airs live on Saturdays from 9am to 10am Pacific time. The Food Chain, which has been named the Ag/News Show of the Year by California's legislature, is hosted by Michael Olson, who--in addition to being General Manager of radio stations KSCO & KOMY--is the author of the Ben Franklin Book of the Year award-winning MetroFarm, a 576-page guide to metropolitan agriculture.

Hopedance magazine
Hope Dance Magazine
Publisher / Editor Bob Banner,
Ventura / Santa Barbara County Editor Wes Roe,
The purpose of HopeDance is simply to report on the outrageous, pioneering and inspiring activities of outstanding individuals and organizations who are creating a new world--regardless of their spiritual tradition or political agenda. We publish material and engage in activities (forums, workshops, film festivals...) that are necessary in building ecologically sustainable, practical, down-to-earth solutions, holistic, healthy and awakened community. Strong Permaculture focus and support for local and West coast Pc orgs and a Permaculture events calendar for North America. Highly recommended!!!  (webguy Keith)

South Coast Permaculture Guild & Santa Barbara Permaculture Network:
224 E. Figueroa Ct. #C, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Contact: Margie Bushman / Wes Roe, Phone: 805/962-2571
Local Chapters & Affiliate Organizations:
Eric Werbalowsky-Newsletter contact: www.ewerb.webjump/scpg
Ojai Permaculture Guild PO Box 973, Ojai, CA 93024 Contact: Dave White, 805/646-9809
Central Coast Permaculture Guild Contacts: c/o Rob Kimmel 805-438-5745 (San Luis Obispo) 16805 Walnut St, Atascadero, CA 93422
Cal Poly Student Experimental Farm, The SARC (Sustainable Ag. Resource Center) Cal Poly Tech/San Luis Obispo, Hunter Francis
San Diego Permaculture Guild Contact: SD Economic Conversion Council,
(619) 298-8879
Long Beach Organics Contact: David Krieger-DeWitt,(562)-438-9000
Southern East Sierra, Tom Drummond, (760)377-5011 Ridgecrest
Pc Institute of Southern California, Dr Bill Roley Ph: int+ (1) 949-494 5843  Laguna Beach
Santa Cruz Permaculture Vince Pastori 831/763-3848
Path to Freedom, Pasadena Ms. Anais Dervaes
LA Permaculture Guild Joan 323-630-4673 and Camille

EcoIQ 988 Cranberry Dr. Cupertino, CA 95014
Ph: (408) 865-0888 FAX: (408) 865-0854      The Urban Greening website is for everyone interested in making smart choices about the green and living environments of communities -- the trees, parks, trails, gardens, rivers, beaches, lakes, harbors, wetlands, watersheds, and so on -- choices that are both economically and ecologically intelligent.
Indigenous Permaculture
3288 21st Street, #192 :: San Francisco, CA 94110 :: Phone: 415.552.5448
Permascapes: Sustainable Landscapes & Gardens
Darko Nikolic, Certified Permaculture Designer
Permaculture Design & Implementation
Benjamin Fahrer, PO Box 72, Occidental, Ca 95465, 707-874-2343  

plant – Sustainable Landscapes offers comprehensive landscape design and consultation services featuring inspiring and functional landscape solutions with an emphasis on environmentally responsible practices. We can assist in every step of the project from the initial consult to maintaining the finished product.

We take a holistic approach towards managing and restoring the Earth’s landscapes where resources are conserved, chemical use is restricted and labor inputs are reduced. (805) 441-4604 | | P.O. Box 473 Cayucos, Ca 93430

Architects / Designers / Planners for Social Responsibility
ADPSR is a 501c3 non-profit organization which currently has four active chapters. It has a sixteen year history of educating design professionals and the public about critical social and environmental issues. Although established with a disarmament focus, during the last nine years ADPSR has expanded its concerns to include the protection of the natural and built environment, and the promotion of ecologically and socially responsible development.
Urban Permaculture Guild
Katherine Steele, 6421 Hillegass Ave, Oakland, CA 94618     The Urban Permaculture Guild is an organized group action that educates and inspires communities and individuals to creatively transform how they live and the urban places where they live. We facilitate artistic and ecologically-oriented placemaking and educational projects that honor the interconnection of human communities and the natural world.
Edible SchoolyardThe Edible Schoolyard, in collaboration with Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, 1781 Rose Street
Berkeley, CA 94703 , provides urban public school students with a one-acre organic garden and a kitchen classroom. Using food systems as a unifying concept, students learn how to grow, harvest, and prepare nutritious seasonal produce. Experiences in the kitchen and garden foster a better understanding of how the natural world sustains us, and promote the environmental and social well being of our school community.  510.558.1335       510.558.1334 fax
Golden Love
Love's Gardens, Creating and Maintaining Sustainable Urban Landscapes
California Licensed Contractor C27 363672, 127 National St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone (831) 471-9100 Fax ( 831) 471-9200
Wilder FoundationThe Wilder Foundation :Social Environmental Entrepreneurs (see also Washington, below)
11948 W. Washington Blvd., Suite 201
Los Angeles, CA 90066

A consortium of teachers / designers/ entrepreneurs created to promote and support permaculture education and design around the world. The Wilder Foundation currently has projects in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, Hawaii, and the Pacific NW of the United States. We focus our efforts in two main areas: permaculture design education and the establishment of permaculture nurseries. Founded by Jenny Pell, Douglas Bullock, and Chris Shanks.
Island Mountain Institute for Sustainable Agriculture
220 Harmony La, Garberville CA 95542     707 923-2377
Jason Harre - Farm Manager
Sustainable Agriculture and Permaculture Internship Program. IMISA is a not for profit located in the hills of Humbolt County CA. We have an existing organic market farm with an additional .5 acre field nearby. We are in design process of converting the farm into a multi-tiered forest garden.

International Institute for Ecological Agriculture
P.O. 1882 Soquel, CA 95073
Phone is 831-458-5141 fax 3193. also

Restorative Technologies
Thomas Boyd, 1448 Industrial Ave Ste6 Bx4, Sebastopol, CA 95472
Phone: 707.823.8644  Fax: 707.823.8670
Sales & Services to public industry. Ecologically Restorative Technologies for Soil regeneration, Water & Air restoration, and
sustianable energy use technologies. Products include California Stone Flour, CA Granite Stone Powder, Bio- Active Stone Flour, Biologically Enhanced & Enlivened Stone Powers

Mendocino Ecological Learning Center
4651 Bear Canyon Road | Willits CA, 95490 | 707.456.0779
The Mendocino Ecological Learning Center (MELC) is an educational organization and demonstration site where people can come and see examples of living in ways that conserve resources, create diversity, increase self sufficiency, and promote profound understandings of the relationships between ourselves and our planet.

The Center practices sustainable stewardship of lands, plants, animals and energy systems.

MELC was founded in 2003 by a group of organic farmers, educators, naturalists, artists, and people seeking innovative alternatives to destructive farming, housing, energy and land management practices. At the core of the Center's work lay dynamic approaches and solutions to today's privately owned and corporately run economies, ecologies and cultures. We recognize the importance of community based agriculture, land management, natural building/housing alternatives, renewable energy production and distribution. Through examples and working models in place on site and throughout the world, we offer research and training for those seeking long term solutions to many of the problems facing us today and into the future.

Going Organic, 402 West Ojai Ave., pmb 146, Ojai, Ca. 93023
Jay North Ph: (805) 646-2425,
Oasis Design - Ecological Design publishing & consulting
Original designs for living better, cheaper, & more ecologically since 1980
5 San Marcos Trout Club, Santa Barbara, CA 93105-9726
Fax: 805 967-3229 Phone: 967-9956
Quail SpringsQuail Springs
PO Box 417, New Cuyama, CA 93254
A learning oasis and permaculture farm where mentoring, stewardship, and sustainability are nurtured and expressed in daily living, land based education, applied ecology, mentoring, and right livelihood.  phone. 805.886.7239 fax. 866.321.1102
Sierra Permaculture Guild

The Sierra Permaculture Guild aims to promote Permaculture education, networking and info-sharing throughout the Sierra Nevada bioregion. We encourage those interested in ecological agriculture, seed saving, horticulture, alternative building, renewable energy, community currency, peak oil preparedness & relocalization, wilderness skills, natural healing, cottage industries, aquaculture, animal husbandry, water storage, earthworks, ecology, native skills, handicrafts and related practices to join and participate.
Sign up for the Sierra Permaculture Guild listserv to find or promote Permaculture events in the Sierra Nevada bioregion.
Permaculture Across Borders came about as a result of conversations at Permaculture Design Certificate courses in the USA and Australia. A foundation was envisioned that would build upon local knowledge by supporting community-based education sites, and that would also connect communities, cities and regions to each other.

Today our Board and Advisory Board members live and work across the world, from Australia to Tajikistan; from Armenia to Jordan and in every region of the United States. Their connections are PAB’s greatest resource. After assembling an initial team of teachers, designers, and consultants from across the globe, Permaculture Across Borders incorporated as a Not for Profit in the state of California, USA, during August of 2006.

Our Goals:

  • To build permaculture demonstration and teaching sites in partnership with local communities
  • To sponsor students' participation in PDC courses
  • To provide internship and teaching opportunities for PDC graduates
  • To connect financial and technical resources to communities
  • To connect sister cities and regions so that experiences can be shared and to learn from those shared experiences
Nucleus Permaculture, Karmendra Rossy, (707) 775-5746 Sebastopol, Ca, USA
Weaving Earth
Sonoma County, CA
Phone: 707.228.8942
Weaving Earth fosters reciprocal relationships and cultivates the healthy development of people, communities and ecosystems through nature-based programs & services.
Singing Springs BotanicalsSinging Springs Botanicals
Julianne Peterson (Permaculture / Herbal consultant / Teacher)
Body Care, Elixirs, Oils and Salves, Teas and Tinctures
PO Box 4008, Telluride, Colorado 81435   970-708-0236

CRMPI Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute
P.O. Box 631, Basalt, CO 81621
Jerome Osentowski  (970) 927-4158

Earth Speaks Pc, Jeffrey Hovermale, 149 Harvard Street, Colorado Springs CO 80911, USA  Ph: int + (1) 719 392 4882
Gaia University Gaia University offers a unique approach to earning accredited Bachelors and Masters degrees, Certificates and Diplomas while developing your passions, visions and dreams. If you are ready to take positive action, linking your ideals with practical experience, we invite you to become an active world changer by working for planetary sustainability and regeneration, justice and peace.Our self-directed action learning methodology enables you to study locally, in your own language, supported by Gaia University's Regional Centers, and a worldwide network of learning providers, tutors and mentors. Our envisioned curriculum includes: Permaculture, Ecovillage Design, Peace Studies, Ecocities, Appropriate Technology, Traditional Wisdom, Eco- Health, Sustainable Economics, Bioregionalism, Life Transitions, Natural Building, Social Communication, Integral Co-Creation, Art for Social Change as well as emerging programs, pathways and projects based on your interests and the strategic needs of our partner networks.
717 Poplar Avenue Boulder, Colorado 80304 USA
Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building
is devoted to finding solutions to the world's housing problems. We believe the answer lies in education - helping others help themselves.
Crestone, Colorado 81131     strawhouses [@]
Living Earth Center,
a non-profit committed to bringing people into deeper relationships with nature through Permaculture education and programs that foster earth-centered values. Blog
HAPI (High Altitude Permaculture Institute) Sandy Cruz, teacher PO Box 238 Ward, Colorado, 80481, U.S.A.
  Ph: int+ 1 (303) 459 3494
Natural Investment Services, Inc.
Hal Brill, P.O. Box 747 Paonia, CO 81428     800-793-7512 970-527-6550
Pike's Peak Permaculture
1517 Lorraine St., Colorado Springs, CO 80906 Gary Deetz, Certified Permaculturist,
Backyard Wildlife Habitat Specialist  719-575-0592
Becky Elder, Certified Permaculturist, Professional Organic Gardener
Oakhaven PermacultureOakhaven: A Permaculture Center
4179 County Road 124, Hesperus, CO 81326      (970) 259-5445    Mission: To help Four Corners residents understand the value of a strong local economy and of living sustainably by establishing an Oakhaven community dedicated to learning, by providing classes and demonstration sites at Oakhaven, in Durango and in LaPlata County, and by applying Permaculture Ethics and Design principles to all aspects of daily living.
5th World NetworkThe 5th World Network provides networking and education for individuals and communities interested in sustainable development, permaculture design, and bioregional or cultural resource protection. Contact us at:
Boulder Institute of Sustainability
"Through hands-on education, publication, and public outreach, BIOS seeks to bring people into a sustainable relationship with our Earth's complex living systems." To check out their class schedule, peruse their resources and links, sign up for their Newsletter BIOSphere, or to find out how you can get involved go to
Our contact information is: P.O. Box 1643, Boulder, CO 80306, Phone: 303-215-3299
Connecticut (help us find contacts for this region, please)
Dina Pelletier, MPH
Certified Permaculture Designer
NOFA Accredited Organic Land Care Professional
Avon, CT 06001
Cell: (860) 712-3485
Delaware (help us find contacts for this region, please)
ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization) is a non-profit organization whose vision is "to bring glory to God and a blessing to mankind by using science and technology to help the poor." The web portal contains a wealth of information on small farm tropical agriculture. Our goal is to provide easy access to ECHO documents and other information for those who are working in agricultural development. Follow the links on the left to find ideas for growing food under difficult conditions, to learn about underutilized plants and find out how you can order free trial packets of seed to evaluate these plants in the communities where you work.
Phone: 239-543-3246, ECHO, 17391 Durrance Road, North Fort Myers, FL 33917

Barking FrogsBarking Frogs Permaculture Center
Elfin Permaculture, Yankee Permaculture

P.O. Box 52, Sparr, FL 32192-0052 Dan & Cynthia Hemenway, online Pc Design Courses, books, design/consulting, and more.   A list by topic of all Yankee Permaculture titles may be found at Cost: $27.50 for 100 pages of The International Permaculture Solutions Journal
Florida Permaculture Association
Central Florida Permaculture
Permaculture Guild
We specialize in bioregional design through broadscale community, social, ecological, agricultural and financial permaculture. We work in urban areas, farmland, and in high poverty areas such as Pine Ridge reservation and Haiti to bring abundance through permaculture design and implementation. We deliver the Urban Permaculture Design Course and specialty permaculture courses., or
Edgewater Permaculture Society, 650 Roberts Road, Edgewater, FL 32141  (386) 871-7598
Tropical Bamboo Nursery and Gardens, 2929 G Road, Loxahatchee, FL 33470
(561) 784-2413
Deepening Roots,
Andrew Korza, Director,   413-537-9915
Created in 2005 by volunteers from the Art of Living Foundation to offer a unique, experience-based approach to sustainable agriculture. Deepening Roots brings together educators in the fields of permaculture, health and wellness, meditation and leadership development to facilitate a four week summer intensive program.

The core curriculum consists of:

1. practical experience working in an existing 2-acre organic garden,
2. workshops in the latest techniques in organic agriculture and permaculture design
3. formal exposure to nutrition and wellness.

In addition, interns participate in unique leadership training that develops core competencies in communication, conflict resolution, managing stress and team building. This prepares interns to effectively face the myriad of challenges of applying the skills and concepts learned during the internship and of promoting sustainable change at a local level.

Fruit & Spice Park, 24801 Southwest 187th Avenue, Homestead, FL 33031-1708
(305) 247-5727

Established in 1944, the Fruit & Spice Park is a tropical paradise nestled in the heart of the Redland Historic District, just 35 miles south of Miami. Surrounded by thousands of acres of tropical agriculture, the Park is a showcase for South Florida's agricultural community. Over 500 varieties of exotic fruits, herbs, spices and nuts from throughout the world are found in this lush 30-acre garden. Fruit & Spice Park now houses both the largest bamboo and banana variety collections in the United States. Spend an hour or a day at the only public garden of its kind in America!
Adam White, Executive Director
710 Gaskill Street, SE Atlanta, Georgia 30316-1116 USA
telephone/fax at (1) 404-223-3699 Or info(at)
As a result of the incredible challenges posed by widespread land degradation in drylands, there is a tremendous need to develop new methods that will provide alternatives to existing, potentially unsustainable land use management practices. In order to support the development and implementation of appropriate systems, we have established this resource to serve as a platform for the accumulation and refinement of knowledge pertinent to the needs of primary stakeholders in affected drylands. Our initial intended audience is practitioners, researchers, and their supporters engaged in the work of sustainable agriculture and ecological rehabilitation in the drylands context. It is our hope that by encouraging diverse entities to collaborate in the growth of this website, the continuing work of individuals and organizations internationally may derive direct benefit from its content.
Village Habitat DesignVillage Habitat Design LLC, Clayton Preston, AIA
Conservation Community Planning & Design
483 Moreland Ave Suite #4 Atlanta, Georgia 30307    FAX 404-525-4201 404-525-4828
Udan Farm, A Permaculture Teaching Farm, located in central GA, is the home of Bob Burns, Permaculture Design Course graduate and teacher, and his partner, Jill Shealy. Together they form CeGaPI, Central GA Permaculture Initiative, an educational adventure.
"As people interested in living a sustainable lifestyle, we wish to rejuvenate and care for this special piece of land, live by permaculture principles-creating a “closed loop” (as much as possible) of resources and waste. It is our goal to pass the principles of sustainability, organics and permaculture on to others who wish to learn, here on the farm, in an informal “hands-on” setting, and throughout the state of Georgia and the southeast.
Contact info: ph: 478-932-8175 or email:
Georgia Permaculture: An Alliance of Permaculture Designers and Teachers who are working to bring Permaculture principles to the state of Georgia. The Georgia Permaculture website is a great way to keep up with anything having to do with Permaculture going on in Georgia, or in the Southeastern US. Our website is To submit events, please email georgiapermaculture [at]
Central Georgia Permaculture Institute (CeGaPI): Located near Milledgeville, GA, CeGaPI is a 40 acre Permaculture site and private homestead begun in 2005. Bob Burns and Isabel Crabtree, PDC graduates and now designers and teachers, are applying their knowledge to live sustainably and create a permaculture demonstration site. "We hope to rejuvenate and care for this piece of land, live by permaculture principles-creating a "closed loop" (as much as possible) of resources and waste. It is our goal to pass the principles of sustainability, organics and permaculture on to others who wish to learn, here on the farm, in an informal "hands-on" setting, and throughout the state of Georgia and the southeast. Our website is Internships available Spring and Fall. Tours available for larger groups with ample notice. Contact info: email: cegapi1 [at]
Permaculture consulting and workshops. Fred & Mary Beth Tanner offer design services, have a permaculture demonstration site and an eco-friendly bed & breakfast inn in Dahlonega, Georgia., info[at]

John Valenzuela, permaculture designer & educator, formerly on Hawai'i Island, now on Maui in the vicinity of Haiku

Maui P/C Institute & Harmonious Earth Research (HER)
Marianne Scott, PO Box 1805, Kihei, Hawaii, HI 96753.      Ph: int+ 1 808 879 0930
La'akea Permaculture GardensLa'akea Permaculture GardensLa'akea Permaculture Gardens PO Box 1178, Pahoa, HI 96778, (808) 965-0178 We are a 25 acre permaculture education center located on the Big Island of Hawaii offering three week certification courses. We include Feng Shui, Tai Chi, and Ecopsychology in our courses, and try to balance classroom time with field trips to explore the islands as well as "hands in the dirt" experience.
La'akea Community Permaculture Internships and Work Trades (click the link for more info or email / phone us) 808-443-4076 We are a small, family style, egalitarian, intentional permaculture community on the big island of Hawai'i, working together closely as a means to health, relationship vitality, economic stability, personal and spiritual growth. INTERNSHIPS cost $725 for one month, and run three times a year; summer, fall, and winter. Our internship program increases the focus on learning. In addition to your daily participation in community life and immersion in permaculture activities, we have classes in non-violent communication, co-counseling and other modalities that increase emotional awareness and provide tools for relationships and community living. WORK TRADE: Work traders participate in our community life along with us, and pay only for food, which we all eat and prepare together. Work trade is available year round. 14 hours per week in work parties with others, and $12 per day=$360/ month.
Permaculture Hawaii Po Box 5167, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, HI.    Ph: int+ 1 808 929 9028
Source EcosystemsSource Ecosystems & Future Forests Nursery
Craig Elevitch & Kim Wilkinson, PO Box, 428, Holualoa, Hawaii, HI 96725.
Ph: int+ 1 808 326 4670 Fax: int+ 1 808 324 4129 
Pangaia  A Raw Food Permaculture Homestead and Resource Center in Hawaii   RR 2, Box 331, 1 14-266 Papaya Farm Road, Pahoa, HI 96778
  Tel: (808) 965-9988
Idaho (help us find contacts for this region, please)
Gentle Harvest
Richard Kuhnel - Ecological & Sustainable Design, 307 Church St., Sandpoint, ID 83864  USA - 208 - 255 2440
Gentle Harvest seeks to provide resources that empower people and communities to create sustainable ways of living, walking gently and harvesting respectfully.
Seeds Trust, High Altitude Gardens
Bill W. McDorman, 4150 B Black Oak Dr., Hailey, ID 83333
Idaho Permaculture
Nestled in the Snake River Canyon a very special project is underway...
An enterprise that weaves together the elements of climate, flora, animals, water and soil management
and human needs to create intricately connected and productive communities that are socially just,
ecologically sustainable and economically viable.
If you have questions, concerns and ideas and/or wish to be included on the Idaho Permaculture e-mail list
please contact James Reed (208) 720-0673 or via e-mail:
Illinois (help us find contacts for this region, please)
Agroecology/Sustainable Agriculture Program at the University of Illinois
Fruited Plain Cooperative Society is an independent cooperative buying club for residents of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and surrounding communities.
Urbana Permaculture projectUrbana Permaculture Project,   122 Franklin St. Urbana, IL 61801   Rob Scott   
Check out the Illinois Permaculture Handboook at
La Casa Verde   1213 E Frye, Peoria, IL 61603   Laurie Winkler (309)686-9345
Center for Sustainable Community
123 Crescent Lane, Stelle, Illinois 60919   email
Heartwood logoHeartwood | PO Box 1011 | Alton, IL 62002-1011 |
Working to protect the hardwood forests of America's heartland.

Midwest Permaculture
Midwest Permaculture is a business created and owned by Bill and Becky Wilson of Stelle (30 year residents) with the goal of promoting more sustainable ways of living and providing quality permaculture education and training. 125 Crescent Lane, Stelle, IL 60919   Email:
Bill Wilson 815-256-2215
Becky Wilson 815-256-2214
Wayne Weiseman 618-713-0537
Mark Shepard 608-627-TREE

The Permaculture Project, 510 West Pecan Street, Carbondale, IL 62901     618-713-0537     

The Permaculture Project works to help build the proper eco-skills necessary in all areas of life. Our vision is to make sure that all of our students and clients are eventually able to read directly from the very Book of Nature herself. Care and love of the environment are at the core of our work: ethics and values grow naturally out of these practices: care of the earth, care of people, ethical surplus distribution, building an ecological-human support base. One can come to understand the inherent connection between Nature, humanity and society, revealing that every thought, word and action carries consequences. Each person shares responsibility for the development of another. The Permaculture Project believes that education focuses our efforts to answer life’s fundamental questions. Learning the answers to these questions is best encouraged through love, nurturing, cooperation and reverence for all life.

Indiana (help us find contacts for this region, please)
  The Permaculture Activist
PO Box 5516, Bloomington, IN 47407 USA 812-335-0383
Peter Bane, publisher (teacher, designer/consultant with Patterns for Abundance),    Ph: int +1 (812-335-0383)        

Patterns for Abundance
Design and Consulting 812-335-0383
5421 E. King's Rd., Bloomington, IN 47408. Peter Bane
& Keith Johnson are experienced permaculture site designers and teachers. We have been providing consulting advice and design for 24 years. With a wealth of experience in temperate climate permaculture systems we can offer a range of consulting services to regional and distant clients. We have served clients in Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida,  Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennesee, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, Argentina, Chile, Canada, Trinidad-Tobago, and elsewhere.
We bring a broad range of experience to guide you through the process of creating abundant, whole system yields for your property, family, or community. By applying fundamental ecological principles and careful attention, we work to reveal, reevaluate, map, list, measure and magnify the abundance already present or potential in your landscape, ecosystem, watershed, or bioregion. We can also identify the "leaks" (of energy, $, water, species, or nutrients) in your system and suggest essential "repairs" necessary to regenerate them.

Bloomington Permaculture Guild
A guild formed in 2006. View the calendar of events at:

Renaissance Polyculture Center
Keith Johnson, 5421 E. Kings Rd, Bloomington, IN 47408       812-335-0383
Produce, seedlings, plants, forest garden, consulting, training, workshops, tours and education.


Sheltering Hills Design Bloomington, IN

Sheltering Hills provides design services, coordinates implementation of those designs, and provides a framework for related businesses reflecting the passion and creativity of the designer, Rhonda Baird. By providing detailed, practical design and practices based in sound ecological principles, Sheltering Hills Design seeks to enhance your life and the world around you. rhonda.kb[at]comcast[dot]net   812-323-1058

Bread and Roses Nursery (and gardens), Bloomington, IN
Salem Willard and Jonas Carpenter. Bread and Roses is surrounded by the Hoosier National Forest. We look to the forest for answers and inspiration. With a focus on species that serve multiple functions in the landscape we carry a wide range of perennial trees and shrubs, herbs, berries, flowers and so much more. We utilize the design principles and ethics of Permaculture to propagate and grow plants in a manner that gives back to the surrounding ecosystem. We do this by planting at least one of every species in the gardens of the Will Holler Homestead. We also strive to build resilience in our local community by giving away tons of information with every plant! (Sorry, no mail order)
On Facebook:
My Edible Eden (Jami Scholl) will take a palette consisting of fruits, vegetables, trees, shrubs, brambles, vines, herbs, and flowers to assist you in the creation of a tasteful work of art in your yard. A design and step-by-step implementation plan are created for the client for urban homesteads, potager or Permaculture designs. A needs assessment is used to determine the client’s dietary, lifestyle, and landscaping needs. By using the principles of Permaculture design and bio-intensive growing methods the goal is to create a sustainable and resilient system tailored to the property and lifestyle of the client. Bloomington, IN my.edible.eden[at]gmail[dot]com
Backyard Berry Plants & Hazelbrake Farm - 3267 T.C. Steele Rd. Nashville, IN 47448    812-988-0579 Specializing in Organically Grown Blueberry, Black berry, and Raspberry Plants
All of our plants are grown without the use of chemical pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizers. We use alfalfa and kelp meal, worm castings, rock minerals, fish emulsion (OMRI certified), and compost as our fertilizers. We also sell soil amendments.

Brambleberry Farm. Permaculture-based consulting, education and stock for today’s homesteader. Esprí and Darren Bender-Beauregard, 1668 E CR 100 N, Paoli, IN 47454
We began Brambleberry Farm in the fall of 2003 on land that we share with Esprí’s parents in the beautiful hills of Southern Indiana. Our garden beds lie on old meadow land that has not been touched by plow or tiller for over 30 years. Instead of plowing up the sod using heavy machinery, we created garden beds using no-till methods. We never use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers on our gardens, and follow organic farming methods. We believe that food should be healthy and nutritious not only to the consumers, but also to the larger environment.

We provide consulting services in the following areas:
Permaculture design for urban or suburban home landscapes or rural homesteads. This includes edible landscaping.
Design consulting for natural building, including straw bale and slip straw.
Energy efficient home design and energy efficient home landscape design.
Backyard chicken and other poultry systems.

Wild Grace Permaculture Gardens
Dwight Sands, Certified Permaculture Designer
1-812-988-0873 near Nashville, IN
Dwight left his body behind in early Dec of 2010 and the site is managed by his wife Carol Bridges and supporting interns.

Ann Kreilkamp took her Permaculture Design Course in 2006 in Bloomington, IN. In November 2008, she decided to go out on a financial limb and buy the property next door in order to sponsor a community permaculture garden in the Green Acres Neighborhood. She chroncicles the evolution of this project at as "an ongoing report on the origins, difficulties, thrills, successes, failures, and whatever else comes up, as a group of people grope toward manifesting a collective vision during the great global descent into a far simpler way of life that, depending on our level of awareness, will create either coherence or chaos."

Crone Magazine is the successor to Crone Chronicles which ended publication in 2001. Back issues of some Crone Chonicles issues are available on the BBI Media store. Crone Magazine, was relaunched as a quartely print magazine in 2008 with Ann as the original Founding Editor at the helm and a new publisher, Anne Niven, of SageWoman magazine. This site archives articles from and and offers for sale back issues of this potent little "Journal of Conscious Aging" that ran from 1989 through 2001 and was twice nominated for Utne Reader awards.

She is also active with Crones Counsel, , a site for elderwomen who wish to counsel with each other at annual five-day gatherings that include personal storytelling, workshops, handmade crone art and crafts for sale, croning ceremonies, etc.

Tendre Press, is a new micropress that specializes in spiritual autobiographies. The first book published in 2007, This Vast Being: A Voyage of Grief and Exaltation, documents Ann's multidimensional journey through the first year after her husband's sudden death.

Center for Sustainable LivingCenter for Sustainable Living, 521 W. Kirkwood #1, Bloomington, Indiana 47404 Phone: (812)332-8796 Fax: (812)337-8892
It is the mission of the Center to make available information, services, projects and networking opportunities for those interested in exploring ecologically sustainable ways of thinking, living and interacting in our community. Sponsor of the local / regional Bioneers Conference.

Kencove Farm Fence, Inc., 113 West 5th Street, Earl Park, IN 47942
Phone : 800 536-2683 or 724 459-8991 FAX : 724 459-9148   Movable electric fencing for your chicken / rabbit / goat tractors.  Also shipping from : Kencove Farm Fence, Inc., 344 Kendall Road, Blairsville, PA 15717-8707

Water Your Landscape
PO Box 210, Oldenburg, Indiana 47036 USA
Surya Nagar Farm
1860 Woodland Drive Fairfield, Iowa 52556 Tel 515-469-5240  Surya Nagar Farm is developing small farms in Iowa and Hawaii based on Permaculture principles.
Premier1Supplies (portable fencing for animal tractors, etc.) 2031 300th Street, Washington, Iowa 52353 phone:
(800) 282-6631 fax: (800) 346-7992
alternatives for simple livingALTERNATIVES for Simple Living
"Equipping people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly and celebrate responsibly" Resources for responsible living since 1973
5312 Morningside Ave., P.O. Box 2787, Sioux City, Iowa 51106
712/274-8875 or 800/821-6153 * Fax: 712/274-1402
Website:    Gerald Iversen, National Coordinator
Interesting Times Permaculture Garden  11700 NE 64th St., Elkhart, IA 50073   Jeff Hall
Big Green Summer
Education and practical experience in sustainable living and creating sustainable communities
Lonnie Gamble, 1860 Woodland Drive, Fairfield IA. 52556
At our facilities in Fairfield, we offer a 10 week summer program scholarships available, and a 2 week permaculture design certification course. A one year technical certificate in sustainable community design is under development. Our sister organization The Wilder Institute offers international programs in Central America.
641 469 5240

land instituteWhen people, land and community are as one, all three members prosper; when they relate not as members but as competing interests, all three are exploited. By consulting nature as the source and measure of that membership, The Land Institute seeks to develop an agriculture that will save soil from being lost or poisoned while promotiong a community life at once prosperous and enduring.

prairie writer's circleInitiated in 2001, the Prairie Writers Circle brings together writers in Kansas and nationally who produce newspaper op-ed commentary to encourage wider public awareness of ecological and sustainability issues important to the Land Institute's mission.
The Kansas division of the circle comprises leaders of the state's environmental organizations along with others interested in focusing attention on the ecological problems of Kansas. Essays from this group go to Kansas newspapers, both daily and weekly. Members of the national division focus on similar issues but on a broader scale. The national group's work goes to large newspapers across the nation as well as selected smaller markets.


four harmony foundationPine Knoll Farm is a Holistic Equestrian Center Dedicated to Equine and Human Life Enhancement. Pine Knoll Farm is an educational boarding, pine knoll farmteaching and rehabilitation facility and the home of The Four Harmony Foundation registered 501(c)(3) not for profit foundation. Our goal is to support state-of-the-art equine facilities and the development of a broad range of educational and experiential programs.
Four Harmony Foundation's mission is: To offer learning opportunities which meet students’ life needs; To provide a caring environment which supports learning and development; To contribute to the health and unity of humans and horses; To value our environment and bring us closer to nature. Seeking qualified farm personel to develop profitable Permaculture-based agriculture / silvopasture.

"A single moment of understanding can flood a whole life with meaning."
Pine Knoll Farm, Inc. P.O. Box 75 Bryantsville, KY 40410 tel: 859 548 4162 fax: 859 548 2628 Farm Manager: Trina McGuire, The Four Harmony Foundation, 9863 Lexington Road, Lancaster, KY 40444 tel: 859 548 4162 fax: 859 548 2628

Salamander Springs Farm/ Susana's Organics
Salamander Springs Farm was founded in 1999 on 98 acres of hardwood Appalachian forest south of Berea, Kentucky. It is a rural community committed to local sustainablity and ecologically sound, cooperative living. Approximately 6 open acres comprise fields, orchard, gardens and pastures, which are being developed for this enterprise based on permaculture principles.

We are not able at this time to accomodate paid internships at Salamander Springs Farm, but welcome work-exchanges for food & rustic accomodations on the farm, such as WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) and college service learning programs. Farm conditions are rustic (camping, no electric, outdoor shower and compost toilet).
Salamander Springs Farm P.O. Box 354, Berea, KY 40403
Susana Lein     859-893-3360
Kentucky State University is the lead institution for aquaculture in Kentucky, and one of the premier programs in the nation. Involvement of on-site students in relevant, real-world research is emphasized. Outreach through video and Web-based courses are available.
Louisiana (help us find contacts for this region, please)
Permaculture New Orleans Louisiana (NOLA)
is a portal for those interested in networking with like minded Permaculture designers. We strive to meet the various needs of the gulf south's eco-systems and people through grassroots action. We meet periodically for potlucks, idea shares, and classes.
EcoUrban, a sustainable landscaping company dedicated to greening New Orleans. Our unique landscape design, consulting, installation and maintenance services will empower you to reunite with your food, water and soil while adding value and beauty to your home. Through our native & edible garden designs, organic landscape practices, cistern rain harvest technology, and artisan soil production, we facilitate adaptation to regional environmental challenges.    504.957.7706 or 504.274.8774
scythe supply coScythe Supply, 496 Shore Road Perry, ME 04667 Phone (207) 853-4750 
The Good Life Center (previously Helen and Scott Nearing's place)
372 Harborside Road Harborside ME 04642 (207) 326-8211  website:
Humustacia Permaculture Gardens
51 Doyle Road, Whitefield, ME 04353
PHONE: (207) 549-5978
A place where people come to see, experience and learn how to achieve an organic and creative way of living. Our permaculture demonstration gardens are the heart of many facets of knowledge we have gathered and pass on to those who wish to share and understand the wonder of natures' mysterious journeys. Humustacia Gardens events, courses, workshops, or travel can empower you to take a step out of the maze of this life and onto the labyrinth path of enjoyable, creative and sustainable living.
Maryland (help us find contacts for this region, please)

Heathcote Community 21300 Heathcote Rd. Freeland, MD 21053
Phone: (410) 343-3478 (DIRT)
Heathcote is an intentional community located 30 miles north of Baltimore, MD and 20 miles south of York, PA. It is nestled in a narrow wooded stream valley on a 44 acre community land trust. We are committed to creating a permaculture demonstration site at Heathcote Community where we can live sustainably in balance with the Earth and guide others on this path. We strive to foster gender balance and a diversity of culture, spirituality and thought. The Heathcote Conference Center helps us to maintain an interconnectedness to the larger society through education and community outreach.

green roof serviceGreen Roof Service, LLC
9 Lockhart Circle Apt. J, Forest Hill, MD 21050
Tel. 443-345-1578 Fax: 443-345-1533      Email:
Woburn, Ma.
natural-logic-logoNatural Logic
Helping companies and communities prosper by embedding the laws of nature at the heart of enterprise. Natural Logic provides Strategic Consulting, Design Services, Productivity Assessments & Enabling Technologies that help companies build profit and competitive advantage through exceptional environmental performance. Bill Reed 20 Woodland Street Arlington, MA 02476 Main Phone: 781-483-3040 Cell Phone: 617-797-6099 Fax: 781-394-4671 
Remineralize the Earth: Towards a Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Climate
Joanna Campe, 152 South Street, Northampton, MA 01060 USA
Telephone: (413) 586-4429   Email:
Remineralize the Earth, Inc., is a non-profit organization incorporated to disseminate ideas and practice about soil remineralization throughout the world.
Michigan (help us find contacts for this region, please)
Almar Organic Orchards, 1431 Duffield Rd, Flushing, MI, ALMAR FARM & ORCHARDS is a 4th-generation owned & operated produce & livestock farm. 500 acres of organic & conventional grown fruits and vegetables, maple wood lots and pasturesl.
Little Artshram fosters alternative education through a unique combination of permaculture principles, visual, musical and puppet artistry, service to the natural world and inclusive social activism. We provide programs which inspire and educate people of all ages to live creatively and in harmony with nature. Learn more about us through our blog!
Institute for Sustainable Living, Art & Natural Design (ISLAND)
ISLAND builds strong communities through the intersections of art, farming, ecology and economy.
The Southeastern Michigan Permaculture Guild is composed of local designers and members interested in learning more about permaculture in our area. Its purpose is to share knowledge about practices in our region; interconnect designers, advocates, volunteers, and clients; and showcase the projects completed by Guild members.
Wagbo Peace Center is a non-profit education center teaching sustainable agriculture and nonviolence. Our 212 acre farm is a model of small-scale, diversified, sustainable agriculture and includes a 3-acre organic produce garden with 36-share vegetable CSA; a Multi-Farm CSA offering products from other local sustainable producers (SARE project); 2200-tap maple syrup operation; permaculture greenhouse heated by 50 laying hens (SARE project); sustainable forest management with WoodMizer rough-cut lumber production; pastured poultry (1000/yr) with MDA licensed Mobile Poultry Processing Unit (SARE project); rotational grazing of draft horses and Jersey cows; small apiary and orchard; meat rabbits with vermicomposting bins; value-added woodworking projects; overall permaculture-type design; youth-at-risk apprenticeships and hands-on internships. We are currently looking for a full-time farm manager, skilled in the areas listed above.
5745 North M-66, East Jordan,MI 49727   Rick & Tracy Meisterheim  231-536-0333  
Blackbird Gardens is a project of social and agricultural change. We are committed to providing our local foodshed with fresh, all natural vegetables, flowers and herbs. We employ principles of permaculture, organic growing (not yet certified), natural materials building (timberframe, strawbale, cordwood masonry, etc.) and solution-oriented communication regarding personal and global challenges. We offer on-farm sales as well as delivery to local restaurants and residents with our 6 foot bike trailer. We also sell our produce at the Boyne City, Harbor Springs and Traverse City Farmers Markets (generally BC and HS wednesdays and Saturdays during early-mid summer and TC later in the summer). We invite you to tour our living model and offer short and longer term internships in gardening, cooking and food preservation, building, marketing, media and other fields. Please call for on-the-farm sales and personalized or group tour times. We currently have a few CSA worker shares available for the remainder of this amazing season!   904 Blackbird Road, Petoskey,MI 49770  Michael Everts / Matt Pierle     231.348.3044

5-springs-farm-logoFive Springs Farm, Jim Sluyter and Jo Meller, 3480 Potter Rd., Bear Lake, MI 49614

The Community Farm newsletter

Five Springs Farm is a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm in Northwest lower Michigan.

We have a new web site, with information about the farm, how to 'subscribe' to a veggie share, sample newsletters and more. Go to

Badgersett Research Farm, RR 1, Box 141, Canton Mn. 55922, 507-743-5870,
OCA-logoOrganic Consumers Association Ronnie Cummins
6114 Hwy 61 Little Marais, Mn. 55614   Tel. 218-226-4164 Fax 218-226-4157 Our website is the largest and most popular website in the country dealing with issues of food safety, genetic engineering, and organic agriculture. To subscribe to the OCA's free electronic newsletter, BioDemocracy News/Organic View, go to the OCA website

Debbie Dunbar Ortman - National Field Organizer
Organic Consumers Association  3547 Haines Rd. Duluth, MN 55811    (218) 726-1443 (218) 726-1446 Fax

Permaculture Research Institute - Cold Climate | PO Box 22508 | Robbinsdale, MN 55422 | 651.451.1716
The Permaculture Research Institute for Cold Climate promotes the creation and refinement of sustainable models of human settlement in cold temperate climates.
Permaculture Research Institute of the USA, 8040 2nd Ave South, Bloomington, MN 55420
The Mission of the Permaculture Research Institute USA is to work with communities worldwide, to expand the knowledge and practice of integrated sustainable agriculture using the whole-systems approach of Permaculture Design. This will provide solutions for permanent abundance by training local people to become leaders of sustainable development in their communities and countries.
Mississippi (help us find contacts for this region, please)
Green Footprints is a permaculture consultancy run by Akia and Rebecca Chabot located in Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA. We offer affordable consulting services to the local area, and we run courses on permaculture and sustainable living.
2525 Confederate Avenue, Vicksburg, MS 3918o
phone - (601) 636-4302
Missouri (help us find contacts for this region, please)
goods-from-the-woodsGoods From the Woods, 14125 Hwy C, Licking, MO 65542        573-674-4567       1-800-267-6680
Ozarks Permaculture Group
Founded in December 2008, we are centered in Fayetteville, Arkansas but anyone in the region is welcome to join. Our purpose is to form a community for sharing knowledge and building skills. When possible, we look at the larger system through a permaculture design lens. But our immediate focus is practical: doing small projects that demonstrate how to live well with less. Our model is learning by doing.
Montana (help us find contacts for this region, please)
Sustainable Living SystemsSustainable Living Systems, PO Box 53, Victor, Montana 59875 (406) 642-3601
A non-profit organization with an affiliated permaculture/conservation farm in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana, demonstrating an environmentally responsible approach to food production, shelter and collective living, and working to build a Local Food System in the valley.
The Last Straw Journal
PO Box 22706 Linco
ln Nebraska 68542-2706 USA
ph 402.483.5135    fax 402.483.5161
Jay A. Woods
3918 N 23 ST, OMAHA, NE 68110-172818  402-932-6083
Permaculture farming 7 acres. The 7 acres currently owned are planted up. The mature timber trees are being harvested and replaced with nut and fruit trees, etc. Another adjoining acre will be purchased over the next year. This acreage includes two houses that will need to be converted to the permaculture lifestyle as well as continuing the conversion of my own home.
city-sprouts-logoCity Sprouts: An Inner-City Gardening Project
40th & Franklin Streets                   Office: Annex 4 UNMC Complex
PO BOX 31593, Omaha, NE 68131          Telephone: 451-7054
In Omaha, Nebraska, community members, students, neighbors, and gardeners are working together to turn neglected inner-city vacant lots into beautiful, safe, and productive gardens. Volunteers gather to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers using sustainable organic gardening methods.
Nevada (help us find contacts for this region, please)
New Hampshire

heartsong-logoHeartsong Farm Healing Herbs
Nancy and Michael Phillips

Michael is author of best-selling The Apple Grower: A Guide for the Organic Orchardist, 320 pages, $40.00. Michael offers a private consultation service for people seeking direct insights into successful organic orcharding.

village-herbalist-bookNancy is author of The Village Herbalist: Sharing Plant Medicines with Family and Community, 335 pages, $24.95. Nancy also offers Wellness Consultations These holistic sessions can give insights and information on incorporating nutrition, herbs, and other natural remedies into your life to build overall health and to correct imbalances.
Both books may be ordered from Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs, RFD 1 Box 275, Groveton, NH 03582. 603-636-2286

apple-greeting-cardBeautiful greeting cards, too.

Wichland Woods
We are in the creation stage of a sustainable agro-forestry based nature center. 250 acre, potential micro hydro system, composting toilets and all the goodies in the permaculture models.
David Wichland 39 Concord Rd. Keene, NH 03431  603-352-7894 603-847-345

Doug Clayton 50 Bullard Rd, Jaffrey, New Hampshire, NH 03452, U.S.A.
Ph: int+ 1 (606) 532 7321 W. 603-532-1120 Fax. 603-532-4581 email:

Edible-forest-gardensDave Jacke
Dynamics Ecological Design
Site Planning - Landscape Design - Construction - Education - Permaculture
56 High St., Keene, NH 03431
603-357-8899 FAX 603-357-6556

Namasté Greenfire, 373 Peacham Rd, Center Barnstead, New Hampshire 03225-3833
Bruce Shearer & Carolyn Namaste, also see:
We are a small circle of friends living on 47 acres of land in the Lakes Region of central New Hampshire. We envision and are working for a Permaculture Learning Center and Cohousing Ecovillage on this land. We hope to attract folks who can learn, teach and practice designs that bring us closer to a sustainable future. We see this as a form of secular religion. Harmony with each other and with the natural world is our intention. We hope this vision will network itself to the entire world.

New Jersey
Cornucopia   Trina Paulus, 86 Elm Street, Montclair NJ 07042, USA  Ph: int+ (1) 201 746 8715
New Mexico
SantaFePcSanta Fe Permaculture, Inc.
Melissa McDonald and Nate Downey, 3024 Agua Fria #3
Permaculture Guild
505-471-6338 | Santa Fe, NM
Do you care about the earth and maintaining its ecological balance? Are you convinced that high-quality, locally grown food leads to a healthier society? Would you like to help educate people about more natural ways of living and eating?

If you have an interest in sustainable living, then we’d like to invite you to join the Permaculture Guild in our mission to support the permaculture community and encourage the spread of more conscious ways of growing and distributing healthy, nourishing foods and promoting the use of renewable sources of energy

Agricultural Innovations offers the highest quality consulting services in agriculture and natural resource management. Agricultural Innovations is HUB Zone certified small business concern with offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Living Structures, Danny Buck, 1594 A San Mateo Lane, Santa Fe NM 87505
Ph: int+ (1) 505 988 2202 Fax: int +(1) 505 988 2289
village-dev-of-americaVillage Development of America LLC
Brian Skeele, Owner
339 Plaza Balentine
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Flowering Tree PC Inst., PO Box 4302, Fairview, NM 87533, USA. Ph: int+1 505 753 6590

Permaculture Institute
PO Box 3702, Santa Fe NM, 87501
Scott Pittman
Environmental Design Concepts; "A Permaculture Company"

Course gradsThe Institute represents over twenty years of permaculture work in education, design, and practice around the world. It features the work of its founder, Scott Pittman, one of the most renowned teachers in the US, who taught in over 16 countries worldwide in the past 25 years, six of them with co-founder of permaculture Bill Mollison. A regular series of site-based Permaculture Design Courses is offered by the Institute’s stellar teaching team, led by Scott.

In addition to teaching, the Institute is involved in design and educational work in several village projects in Haiti and Equatorial

Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute

Flowering Tree was incorporated in 1989. Its purpose is to do research and education on all topics that pertain to the ideas of Permaculture. Permaculture is a way of looking at the world based on the laws of nature, It consciously imitates these working ecosystems to create diverse inter-related cultures.
Flowering Tree was started in Santa Clara Pueblo by: Roxanne Swentzell, Joel Glanzberg, Brett Bakker.
78 Cities of Gold Road, Santa Fe, NM 87506-0918       P: (505) 455-3037

Builders-w-o-bordersBuilders Without Borders , 119 Main St. Kingston, NM 88042
(505) 895-5400
Sol y Sombra Foundation
4018 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505, USA
Ph: int+ 1 (505) 982 2752 Fax: int+ 1 (505) 982 9201
Permaculture Drylands Institute
PO Box 3702, Pojoaque NM 87501    Ph. 505-455-0514,

Permaculture Drylands Institute (PDI) offers a regular series of courses and learning opportunities in Practical Sustainability Skills, with focus in Permaculture, Natural Building, Land & Community Arts, Land and Garden, Community Building and Renewable Energies. Best of the Permaculture Drylands Journal publications can be seen online at our website. PDI features projects in semi-arid and arid environments, and it networks permaculture communities and activists in the US Southwest.
Creating and disseminating media to help regenerate the earth.

Permaculture and Natural Building Videos

ecoversity-logo2639 Agua Fria, Santa Fe, NM 87505 
The educational process at EcoVersity is inspired by ecological sensibility and rooted in applied practice. EcoVersity’s philosophy and approach encompass the following principles which are central to the theory and practice of sustainability.

An education at EcoVersity is bioregional in scale, enabling our senses and feelings to inform intellect and intuition. Such a view is holistic and grounded in sensory knowledge of landscape, climate, flora and fauna. Our practice is rooted in studying land-based traditions, values and awareness. It affirms the importance of honoring local knowledge, science and wisdom, in addition to Western thought and science. Sophisticated cultural traditions inform contemporary adaptations such as Permaculture, organic gardening, natural building, herbal medicine and similar ecological practices. Engaging in place-specific projects develops tools for transforming alienated cultures by engaging in ecological and holistic ways of living, thinking, and acting.

PALlogoPermacultura America Latina
723 Allendale Street, Santa Fe, NM 87505
505-989-1695   505-988-9702 fax
PAL’s past, present and future is based on education. Our primary responsibility is to the next generation. To make a better world we will continue to establish new schools, develop new curriculae and to train new teachers. All our information, reference centers, our technologies, publications and innovations have been designed to advance the education of the next generation as leaders for change.

Harvest H2O
537 Garcia, Santa Fe, NM 87505 is dedicated to the advancement of sustainable water management practices for individuals, families, communities, and businesses.

Harmonic Ecological Design is a full service whole systems design firm offering regenerative design and development, project management, education and cutting edge research. Harmonic Ecological Design works with clients from a broad range of backgrounds and needs to fully utilize their site-based resources, turning problems into solutions. We harness the intelligence, efficiency and elegance of natural systems to create abundant, regenerative and beautiful designs based on current solar energy. We serve all phases of project development from visioning and goal articulation to site selection, assessment and project management. Our work is informed by both our clients’ needs and the qualities of their specific site.
Santa Fe, NM 505.908.9598


New York (help us find contacts for this region, please)

Hudson Valley Permaculture

applesAppleSeed Permaculture:, eroland[at], (518) 610-1375
Ethan C. Roland    eroland[at]     (518) 610.1375
Based in southern Rensselaer County (Town of Nassau), AppleSeed Permaculture performs land-use consulting and implementation using Permaculture Design principles. They specialize in designing and planting locally-adapted Food Forests, especially to reinvigorate aging, or abandoned fruit orchards.
Founder Ethan Roland spent a year traveling around the world studying the global diversity of apples. He encountered Permaculture while researching orchard management in New Zealand, and has completed designs in Mexico, Nicaragua, the Blue Mountains, and across the Northeast.

AppleSeed Permaculture performs land-use design and consulting and based on the principles of permaculture design. We design, teach, and research productive ecosystems for farms, homes, and communities. Services include: • Integrated Ecological Agriculture, Whole Farm Planning, Keyline Design • Site & Master Planning for Sustainable Developments; Energy, Water, and "Waste" systems • Orchard, Edible Forest Garden, and Food Forest Tree Crops Design & Consulting • Presentations, Workshops, Permaculture Design Courses • Site Analysis, Property Assessment, and Regenerative Design AppleSeed Permaculture collaborates with a diversity of ecological designers and world-changing organizations to co-create sustainable landscapes, living spaces, and land-based livelihoods. We perform cutting-edge research on carbon-sequestering perennial agriculture, teach permaculture design courses & workshops, and integrate whole-systems sustainability into all aspects of our work.

Jonah Vitale-Wolff:     jonah[at] (coming soon)
Based in urban Albany, NY, Hudson Valley Natural Building (HVNB) is a community-based artisan company that focuses on the application of natural building in the urban setting, through custom renovation and landscaping, educational workshops, and community work. HVNB uses natural building practices and materials as a sustainable alternative to conventional methods.
At HVNB we use local clay, sand, straw, recycled paper, salvaged wood, and other reclaimed construction waste to make our custom projects beautiful and sustainable. As a result, our projects are completely non-toxic, safe, and inclusive of anyone who wants to join in the fun.
From earthen plasters to garden walls, all of the work of HVNB is customized to reflect the needs of each client, community and project, while engendering an atmosphere of sharing skills.
Since 1973 greenguerillas™ has helped thousands of people realize their dreams of turning vacant rubble-strewn lots into vibrant community gardens. Each year we work with hundreds of grassroots groups throughout New York City to strengthen underserved neighborhoods through community gardening. With our help, people grow food, plant flowers, educate youth, paint colorful murals and preserve their gardens as vital community centers for future generations.
214 W. 29th St. 5th Floor, New York, NY 10001   (212) 402-1121 Fax: (212) 228-6414
FingerLakesPcInstFinger Lakes Permaculture Institute , 2962 Swamp Rd., Cayutaville, NY 14805 (607) 527-0607
The Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute (FLPCI) is an organization devoted to making permaculture-based education accessible in our region. We offer opportunities to learn sustainable, ecological design methods including workshops, study groups, apprentice programs, and the intensive Permaculture Design Certification course. FLPCI was founded by Michael Burns, Steve Gabriel and Karryn Olson Ramanujan in 2005. Since the beginning FLPCI has been sustained and nutured by the support of our alumni and volunteers for whom we are grateful. Visit our website for details regarding our current offerings.

FLX Permaculture Network: Join an online network connecting people doing on-the-ground permaculture work in the Finger Lakes Region and in surrounding areas of New York, Pennsylvania, Ontario, the Great Lakes, and New England. Visit

Green Phoenix Permaculture
Green Phoenix Permaculture is a non profit public charity that inspires and facilitates individuals in the Northeastern United States to build an economy based on care for the earth care for people and the return of surplus.

We will conduct classes, seminars, and community outreach on Permaculture, natural building, communication and decision making skills and other related topics. In addition, we will create a community land trust, which will acquire property in the region in order to make it available for organic agriculture, affordable, environmentally friendly housing and socially and environmentally responsible small businesses or, to preserve it in its natural state.
8 Epworth Lane, High Falls, NY 12440

Cayuta Sun Homestead
Michael Burns, 2962 Swamp Rd., Cayutaville, NY 14805 607-227-0316
The Cayuta Sun Homestead is home farm (non-commercial) used as a site for permaculture education. Michael Burns along with other members of Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute are promoting sustainable living and education in Central New York State. Visit: .
New York Permaculture Exchange / Claudia Joseph
375 2nd Street Brooklyn, NY 11215
Claudia Eve Joseph, founder of the Permaculture Exchange moved to New York in 2001 and began working at the Garden of Union in Brooklyn. As a teacher, gardener and organizer she practices permaculture in public and private spaces. She holds two certificates and a Diploma of Permaculture. She has taught at Merritt College, the Berkeley Ecology Center and many local nurseries and gardens.
(718) 369-1139.
web site:
The Permaculture Marketplace  (646)721-7541
C/O Sean Maley, 270 Seaman Ave, C4, NYC, NY 10034 

HancockPcCtrHancock Permaculture Center
of Hancock, New York
Promoting Sustainable Living in the Upper Delaware Bio-region

Ethan Zickler, Permaculture specialist
Eden Design
990 Samsonville Rd., Kerhonkson, NY 12446
(845) 626-4296, emaltickler (at)
The Center for Bioregional Living
Andrew Faust
302 Bedford Ave. PMB#22, Brooklyn, NY 11211
North Carolina
Association for Regenerative Culture: ARC is an educational non-profit co-created by Peter Bane (publisher of the Permaculture Activist magazine), Lee Barnes, & others. Our aim is to initiate the creation of regional Permaculture centers throughout the East to support and coordinate the development of Permaculture education and its broader application in the world. The physical address is PO Box 1303, Waynesville, NC 28786
Ph: 540-344-5013

Andrew Goodheart Brown
Permaculture Designer, Teacher, Consultant with experience in Armenia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, Republic of Georgia, Rwanda and various locations throughout North America.

22 Overbrook Place, Asheville, NC 28805, 828-298-0426

pinetreeCoreyPine Shane, Holistic Clinical Herbalist, Director, Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine
If you are interested in becoming an Herbalist yourself, take a look at the Summer Weekly or Winter Weekend Herbalist Training Programs.
Earthaven Ecovillage
5 Consensus Circle, Black Mountain, NC 28711   Ph: 704-298-2399
Culture's Edge, 7 Consensus Circle, Black Mountain, NC 28711 
Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, 13 Hillsboro St. Suites 5 & 8
Post Office Box 448 Pittsboro, NC 27312  Telephone: 919 542-2402 Fax: 919 542-7401
Grass Roots Gardens / Lee Barnes, POBox 1303, Waynesville, NC 28786, USA
Ph: int + (1) 704 452 5716
Useful Plants Nursery: "Liberation through Abundance" Plants for Permaculture
*Phytonutritional Plants for Edible Landscaping
*Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Medicinal Herbs
*Permaculture Design and Consulting

Chuck Marsh, 1041 Camp Elliot Rd., Black Mtn. NC, 28711   (828) 669-1759
Earth Matters: Resources for Sustainable Living
Charlie Headington, Ph.D.
Permaculture Teacher / Consultant

Bountiful Cities Project
P.O. Box 898, Asheville, NC 28802        828-257-4000
To join the Bountiful Cities Project e-mail list, send an e-mail to:
The vision of Bountiful Cities Project is to enliven and empower self-reliance, cooperation, and a stronger sense of community through providing an opportunity to grow, harvest and eat fresh, local produce.
We envision community spaces that serve as models for sustainability through organic food production, water conservation, ecological building, community celebration, and cooperative economics.
This vision is becoming a reality at our two flagship gardens: a permaculture-based vegetable garden on Pearson Drive in Montford and the Dr. George Washington Carver Edible Park at Stevens Lee Community Center which is home to over 30 varieties of fruit trees and an under story of berries and medicinal herbs.

Asheville Permaculture Guild
Southeast Regional Permaculture Network

Hosting organization of the SE Permaculture Gathering
Yahoo group: (to subscribe, simply hit the "Join this Group" button on the group homepage or email
kleiwerksKleiwerks - Janell Kapoor, et. al.
phone # 828.252.7701
Kleiwerks is a natural building enterprise in Asheville, N.C. We specialize in beautiful and functional hybrid structures incorporating cob, slipstraw, bamboo, timber-frame, stone, earth plasters, earth roofs, ceramic tile, built-in fire places and other fine details. In 2001 we are offering 15 workshops. We are also available to build your earthen home. Check out our website at
Earth Guild   Charlie Headington, teacher
515 North Mendenhall Street, Greensboro NC 27401, USA    Ph: int +(1) 910 273 7292
Singing Frogs Farm
Here at our farm, we raise truly free ranging chickens for eggs, Alpine goats, ducks, guinea fowl, and heritage breed turkeys. We have a permaculture demonstration garden continually in progress, worked by student intern permaculturists who are currently working at growing cut flowers. 1321 Yates Store Road, Apex, NC 27523     Gena Ram   919.303.0032
Sustenance Farm - Harvey Harman R.R. #2, Box 201 Bear Creek, North Carolina 27207
Permaculture and Sustainable Ag teacher. 1-919-837-5805

Growing Small Farms
A sustainable agriculture website for farmer, gardeners, educators, and consumers hosted by NC Cooperative Extension Svc. Debbie Roos, Ag Extension Agent, Chatham Co. Center

Symbiont - Biological Pest Managment Co
Dr. Richard C. McDonald
194 Shull’s Hollar, Sugar Grove NC 28679;(828) 297-BUUG (2884)    
Symbiont Biological Pest Management Company currently has ongoing consultancy projects with several clients, including Wilcox Natural Products, the USDA, and the governments of China and Portugal. In 1999, Dr. McDonald joined forces with Jim Kluttz of the Beneficial Insect Company (see the listing below) to help form the Carolina Bug Farm , which will custom rear beneficials for regional needs. It is the long term goal of Symbiont, Carolina Bug Farm, and The Beneficial Insect Company to assist local farmers and landowners in utilizing beneficial insects and other least-toxic control measures in order to implement a more sustainable agriculture.

Dr. Richard C. McDonald, Education

  • B.S. Agriculture/IPM Univ. of Mo.-Columbia 1982
  • Worked for 1 year as a technician at the USDA Biological Control Laboratory in Columbia, MO; then pursued an M.S.: M.S. Entomology Univ. of Mo.-Columbia 1986 "The Status of the Musk Thistle Flowerhead Weevil, Rhinocyllus conicus (Froelich) as a Biological Control Agent of Musk Thistle in Missouri"
  • Awards: Phillip C. Stone Award for Outstanding Achievement in Entomology - 1986; C.V. Riley Award of Merit
  • Ph.D. Entomology Va. Polytechnic Inst. & State Univ. 1990 "The Impact of the Microbial Pesticide Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies kurstaki on Hymenopterous Parasites of the Imported Cabbageworm, Pieris rapae (L.) in Broccoli."
  • Awards: David R. Spence Fellowship Award for Outstanding research in sustainable agriculture.
  • From 1990 to 1997, Dr. McDonald was Biological Control Administrator and State Apiarist for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture in Raleigh, NC.
  • In November of 1996, he and his wife of 14 years, Kate Cahow, moved to Sugar Grove, NC, to realize their shared dream of living and working in the mountains, and creating Symbiont Biological Pest Management.
The Beneficial Insect Co., PO Box 119, Glendale Springs, NC 28629
It's a BUG EAT BUG world out there.
Let us introduce you lady bugto our Natural Born Killers!
Professional gardeners, greenhouse owners, farmers, and all types of growers utilize our beneficial insects as their primary form of pest control. Managing pest insects and mites by using their natural enemies against them is one of the oldest and most successful methods of pest control known and utilized by man. Beneficials are harmless to people, plants, and animals. They are born to hunt, capture, and consume your pest insects!

We offer biological controls on a wide range of pests that are commonly found on farms and stables, in fields, gardens, greenhouses, and orchards: Aphids, worms & caterpillars, spider mites, thrips, greenhouse whiteflies, flies, mealybugs, sweet potato whiteflies, mosquitoes, fire ants, grasshoppers, broadmites, and many more!

Our Carolina Market!
This website is a resource. It is a dynamic, ever-changing and up-to-the-minute "virtual Farmers' Market" for the local exchange of agricultural products and services. It is an online marketplace that utilizes the convenience of the internet to provide local producers and buyers with a contact point for commerce and real-time buying and selling transactions.  
North Carolina Ginseng & Goldenseal Co.
Eagle Feather Organic Farm, 300 Indigo Bunting Lane, Marshall, NC 28753 (828) 649-3536
The Southern Appalachian School for Growing Medicinal Plants is an herbal growing school that holds workshops each month throughout the season on all aspects of organic “farming in the woods” with forest crops; Each workshop conducted by experts in their field, with a Certificate of Merit awarded at completion. Robert Eidus, owner, also holds Farm Tours annually as part of the tremendous interest in agritourism develops.
Madison Farms
Madison Farms was created thanks to grants provided in large part by GoldenLEAF and the Rural Internet Access Authority. This site's purpose is to provide information to consumers and tourists about Madison County, create and maintain a list of farms operating in the county, provide farmers with Web marketing tools, and encourage the use of technology and e-commerce.
The Western N.C. Agricultural Center near Asheville.
The Southern Energy & Environment Expo is an annual event designed to showcase renewable energy and sustainable economics in a context of responsible environmental stewardship. By working together in a cooperative spirit, we CAN make a difference for the future of our children and our planet.
ALBCAmerican Livestock Breeds Conservancy, P.O. Box 477, Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312 USA Telephone: (919) 542-5704 Fax: (919) 545-0022
Jon Nilsson, Soil Scientist
East Coast Compost, LLC, 101 Woodhaven Road, Asheville, North Carolina 28805
(828) 254-7418
North Dakota (help us find contacts for this region, please)


Jean Loria,    CW Waterworks, Inc.
3590 Cummings Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118   216-932-8259
I do ecological design work through my business CW Waterworks, Inc. and am associated with United Plant Savers for Pc Design Consulting.
Community SolutionThe Community Solution is a program of Community Service, Inc. Community Service is dedicated to the development, growth and enhancement of small local communities. We envision a country where the population is distributed in small communities that are sustainable, diverse and culturally sophisticated. Community Service was founded by Arthur E. Morgan, educator, businessman and executive. He was the first president of the TVA and the president of Antioch University. We also produced the powerful and DVD documentary, "The Power of Community – How Cuba Survived Peak Oil,"
The Community Solution, P. O. Box 243, Yellow Springs, OH 45387  937-767-2161 or, toll-free 866-767-2161   Email us at

Land Reformers Useful Plants Nursery, 35715 Nicholson Hill Rd.,Rutland, OH 45775
Perennials, Prairie Wildflowers, Seeds, Herbs, Land Use Planning Sustainable Landscaping Services
Hank Huggins 740-742-DIRT(3478)

Brad Lechler & Keely Sheehan, 33015 Sidehill Rd, Rutland, OH 45775 740-742-0413
Permaculture Designer / Organic farmer

The Oklahoma Food Project, Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House
We are creating a local food system based on home gardens and retail grocery cooperatives that are owned by producers and consumers. Although not formally educated in a PDC, we are creating a forest garden on the former lawns of our working class inner Oklahoma City neighborhood. We distribute surplus plants and seeds to others to help their gardens, and have recently acquired two empty lots in our neighborhood which we intend to develop as permaculture community gardens. We also distribute surplus food by feeding homeless people in downtown OKC who don't live in shelters, and delivering food to people in need who don't have transportation to get to a regular food bank. Robert Waldrop, webservant

Published occasionally to cyberspace by the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House,
1524 NW 21st, Oklahoma City, OK 73106,   Robert Waldrop, webservant

also:Energy Conservation News and Resources

and: Oklahoma Clothing Promoting the fabric arts in Oklahoma

and: Oklahoma City Rail: Dedicated to developing a rational, multi-modal transportation system for the greater Oklahoma City area

soil foodwebsoil foodweb Soil Foodweb, Inc. 1128 NE 2nd St., Suite 120, Corvallis, OR 97330 phone: (541) 752-5066 | fax: (541) 752-5142
Eco-Logic Permaculture & Landscape Design is an award-winning local & organic design-only company specializing in high-quality professional integration of Permaculture & Landscape Architecture. Plus estimating through contractor referral & project supervision. 503-922-2484

Portland Permaculture Implementation Group
Rick Valley, PO Box 8691, Portland, OR 97286-0291, USA. Ph: int+ 1 (503) 774 6353

Northern Groves Bamboo Nursery
Rick Valley , PO Box 1236, Philomath, OR 97370    Mobile-(541)602-1315, hm.& wk, msg. (541)929-7152  Bamboo catalog $2 or at "Useful Bamboos and other plants‹ Permaculture education‹ Ecological design & consultation centering on water,landform and horticultural systems"

The Fukuoka Farming Website
Dedicated to exploring Masanobu Fukuoka's revolutionary method of sustainable agriculture managed by Larry Haftl in Pleasant Hill, Oregon, USA
"The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings."Masanobu Fukuoka
Forestcare Co, Curtin Mitchell , PO Box 27, Lorane, Oregon, 97451, U.S.A.
 Cascadia Permaculture / Agro-Ecology Northwest / Cascadia Landscape Design
Jude Hobbs ,1161 Lincoln St. Eugene, Or. 97401, ph:541-342-1160 Jude is a horticulturist, Permaculture designer, and activist. Since 1982, she has provided whole system environmental design solutions in urban and rural settings. As an associate with Agro-Ecology Northwest, she works with farmers and two eco-labeling organizations, Salmon Safe and LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology).

Jude has presented permaculture workshops and courses throughout the West and Hawaii for 17 years, developing curricula that encompass diverse learning styles. (Via private venues and at the local Community College.) She has co-facilitated the Advance Permaculture Certification Course in Teaching for 6 years.

As a way to support local food concerns, Jude is involved with the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition and Eugene Permaculture Guild. She has written an OSU Bulletin (EM: 8721) A Guide to Multi-Functional Hedgerows and soon to be published: On-Farm Biodiversity Resource Guide: For Dry lands, Uplands, & the Maritime Northwest.

Cob Cottage Co.Cob Cottage Co.,
Cob Building Workshops
P.O. Box 123, Cottage Grove, OR 97424

Lost Valley Educational Center

Lost Valley Educational Center, An intentional community and nonprofit educational center dedicated to learning, living, and teaching sustainable, ecologically-based culture. We host an Ecovillage and Permaculture Certificate Program as well as personal growth workshops. 81868 Lost Valley Lane; Dexter, OR, 97431. Ph: (541) 937 3351

Food Not LawnsFood Not Lawns
Promoting peace and sustainability through permaculture, organic living and community interaction. This small avant-gardening collective specializes in seed-saving, kinship gardening, permaculture design and subversive education. PO Box 42174, Eugene, OR 97404 (541) 343-4673       

Earth Fortification Supplies Company
728 SW Wake Robin Avenue, Corvallis OR 97333
USPhone (541) 257-2612  Fax (541) 752-5142

Portland Permaculture Guild

We hold free monthly educational meetings that are open to everyone the 3rd Monday of each month. We offer classes, workshops, and other activities as time and public interest warrant. In addition to permaculture gardening techniques, we explore topics such as water catchment systems, ponds & greywater systems, earth-friendly structures, and alternative energy sources. We also provide networking information about other local groups that you can contact for more information about these topics.
The Portland Permaculture Institute is located within the city limits of Portland, Oregon. The site includes vegetable gardens, food forests, rainwater collection, gathering spaces, and ponds.

Our goal is to demonstrate and teach in ways that enable people to develop the understanding and skills necessary to move toward a more sustainable life on the planet. Toward that goal, we offer Permaculture Design Certification and workshops on permaculture related topics.PMB #101 3527 NE 15th Ave Portland, OR 97212   503.293.8004

DAWN "NorthWest" (Designing Alliances with Nature)
Joelee Joyce,email:
web site:
Sustainable Living for a Better World

We have relocated in Oregon and are developing an "urban homestead"/permaculture site! see story on And once again, as land steward and instructor, we hope to live and demonstrate a way to live on the Earth in a way that takes care of the Earth, and people, and can produce a surplus to share. A conscious effort is made to introduce ways of thinking about the design of an entire site, while building and gardening and conserving water and other resources. All the elements will serve many functions, and each is a part of the design of the “whole site”. Using permaculture strategies, we will offer consultations on whole site design, & sustainable living techniques, which includes building with natural materials, as well as rain water harvesting, food forests and gardens, land and building restoration & more. Workshops and training will be offered, as well as general "how-to do-it-yourself" information and links to valuable local resources, and materials for building a real home, creating a continuing and known source of healthy, organically grown food for your table and to share with others. We will offer classes (one day and weekend workshops) on a variety of sustainable living topics, see "workshops" on the web site for examples. Classes will also be offered through the Linn Benton Community College branch in the area. Internships and work exhange will be offered, please inquire by email.
Children's Peace Guild: Permaculture, Ethnobotany, & Ancestral Crafts Education
The Childrens PEACE Guild aims to help children walk in balance through the introduction of Permaculture, Herbalism, and Nature Awareness. We believe that the key to a sustainable world resides in the hearts and dreams of future generations. In addition to classes and playshops located in Eugene, Oregon, we offer materials for encouraging kids natural curiosity and supporting their interaction with the environment through the Childrens Permaculture Resource Network (CPRN)
Three Sisters Permaculture Design / Three Sisters Farm
www.biosheltecom    Darrell Frey  

Issac Weigman, 63 Cole School Rd, Avella, PA, 724-587-3822
Permaculture designer, Organic farmer
Need WWOOFers to assist with farm.

Rodale InstituteRodale Institute,  Bill Landesman, 611 Siegfriedale Road, Kutztown, PA, 19530, USA Ph: int+ 1 610 683 1458 Fax: int+ 1 610 683 8548 showcases the progressive, environmentally sound food production of beautifully developed intentional ecosystems. We hope this site will educate, inspire and motivate those who are interested in exploring the potential of their own backyards.
Meet others in Eastern PA (& surrounding areas) who support Permaculture design for creating more-sustainable human environments. Everyone welcome, including all regional residents, friends & supporters! Permaculture offers practical solutions to many of the problems facing the world by using ecology as the basis of organizing systems of food production, housing, technology, economics and community. Please join us as we cultivate a beautiful, delicious and healthy tomorrow! We will teach/learn from each other through lectures, workshops, discussion and other activities. Contact: Melissa at freethought01 at mac dot com
Kencove Farm Fence, Inc., 344 Kendall Road, Blairsville, PA 15717-8707   Movable electric fencing for your chicken / rabbit / goat tractors
Phone : 800 536-2683 or 724 459-8991 FAX : 724 459-9148   Also shipping from : Kencove Farm Fence, Inc. 113 West 5th Street, Earl Park, IN 47942
 Alliance For Sustainable Communities
1966 Creek Road, Bethlehem, PA 18015
We are individuals, organizations, small businesses, and farmers concerned about the welfare of the Greater Lehigh Valley. We have come together as the Alliance for Sustainable Communities – Lehigh Valley, to work on sustaining and enhancing the quality of life in this area.
Permaculture Working Group Contact:
Steve Hoog, 610-410-5975,
Rhode Island (help us find contacts for this region, please)
South Carolina
Mathew Kip Permaculture
I trained in permaculture design and began a teaching apprenticeship at Earthhaven Ecovillage in N.C. in 2006. I went on to design and co-manage a permaculture-inspired community garden at USC. I teach a 12 hour Introduction to Permaculture course each spring in the Columbia area and am working on a second course in the fall. I continue to speak publicly and lead sustainability workshops independently and at the university. When I am not teaching or gardening, I wrangle three small children and make art.
South Dakota (help us find contacts for this region, please)

Glacial Lakes Permaculture
46554 SD Hwy 28, Estelline, SD 57234-6032

Glacial Lakes Permaculture focuses on educational programming, research, and demonstration efforts on topics related to Permaculture. Glacial Lakes Permaculture operates in collaboration with Project Sustainability @ SDSU, the SDSU Sierra Club student chapter and other groups and individuals, both nationally and internationally. We believes that good Permaculture design can solve many of the world's most pressing problems and needs, whether it be in the area of home food production, small-scale energy, or more broadly as it applies to relocalization.

East Tennessee Pc, Gene Monaco, PO Box 11851, Knoxville, Tennessee 37939 USA
Ph: int+ 1 423-457-4354 
Ecovillage Training CenterEcovillage Training Center at The Farm & Global Ecovillage Network
POB 90 Summertown TN 38483-0090 USA     Tel: 931-964-4324 Fax: 931-964-2200
& Ecovillage Network of the Americas         A whole systems immersion experience of ecovillage living, together with classes of instruction, access to information, tools and resources, and on-site and off-site consulting and outreach experiences.
sequatchie valley institute Sequatchie Valley Institute at Moonshadow
Route One, Box 304, 1233 Cartwright Loop, Whitwell, TN 37397 (423) 949-5922   The mission of SVI is to offer society an opportunity to experience and learn about living in harmony with nature by providing education, art, and research opportunities; a progressive, dynamic model residence and learning center; land conservation and restoration; and a vision for attaining a sustainable future.
Spiral Ridge Permaculture, is a family owned and operated whole systems design firm and educational homestead located in the Cumberland-Green bioregion of middle Tennessee.
To manifest cultural repair by maintaining a connection to nature and nurturing that connection in others as well as establishing healthy relationships in community.
To design functional ecosystems that are modeled after nature, conserve resources and increase abundance.
To develop and share tools that empower people to be creative and solution oriented.
To expand awareness of appropriate technology and encourage use of more ecological built environments.
Temperate Bamboo Quarterly /Earth Advocates Research Facility 30 Myers Road Summertown, TN 38483 (615) 964-4151 Cost: $24, quarterly Temperate Bamboo Quarterly is a quarterly publication from Earth Advocates, a permaculture team run by Sue and Adam Turtle. It focuses on the bamboo plant which has unique, multipurpose uses. They also operate a nursery with dozens of bamboo species.
West Wind FarmsWest Wind Farms, 155 Shekinah Way, Deer Lodge, TN 37726
wild FermentationWild Fermentation
Sandor Ellix Katz, aka Sandorkraut. I am a fermentation fetishist. I have been fermenting for 10 years and wrote a book called Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods. My mission is to propel more live-culture foods out into our culture. I am on the lookout for opportunities to demonstrate simple fermentation techniques, and spread the word about the glorious nutritional and healing powers of live fermented foods, in workshop settings and other venues.
Animal Farm
Gita Vanwoerden, Box 15NA, Catspring Texas, 78933 USA
(409) 992 3038/ (713) 666 3991 Fax:(713) 668 9145

Austin Permaculture Guild, Austin, TX, USA.
Classes; free lecture series; community gatherings.
Contact: (512) 619-5363;

Southern Exposure: Natural Building Design and Green Construction
Southern Exposure provides quality natural building design for Austin and the Central Texas region. We’ve been in the business of natural building for over fifteen years in central and south Texas. Whether working with new or existing structures, small or large projects, Southern Exposure provides design, consultation and construction for natural houses, farms and additions. Specializing in energy efficient housing and landscaping, we work closely "from the ground up" with your particular lifestyle and need in mind.
Kirby Fry, 1483 County Road 311, McDade, Texas 78650
Dick Pierce teaches Permaculture and gardening in central Texas and New England. Dick’s experience includes working on farms, working with Native American tribes across the US, and running a greenbuilding program for young people at American Youthworks, a non-profit high school in Austin. Dick was born and raised in New England but has called Central Texas home for the past 10 years. One of his current passions is the “Citizen Gardener” program, aimed at promoting food self-sufficiency in Austin through gardening. Contact Dick at, dickpiercedesigns AT gmail DOT com, or 512-992-8858.
Heartland PC,  Patricia Michael, teacher/designer/consultant
8801 Scarlet Circle, Austin, , TX 78606, USA
Ph: int+ (1) 201 833 2440

Kerrmaculture • Quiet Valley Ranch 3876 Medina Hwy • Kerrville, TX 78028
Kerrmaculture is the permaculture endeavor of Quiet Valley Ranch, home of the world famous Kerrville Folk Festival and Kerrville Wine and Music Festival.

The Last Organic Outpost
Our purpose is to build community around the cultivation of our organic vegetable garden East of downtown Houston, Texas. With time we hope to include more sustainable and permaculture principles into the garden and into our broader community. Our vision is to build a garden, learning from the garden how to grow high-energy food, and wild edible plants. Joined by others, the Last Organic Outpost has become a market garden selling to local co-ops and restaurants, an educational garden for novice and home-schoolers, and an agricultural park for a place of tranquility in the midst of the city. See our website for more details!          4507 1/2 Inman, Houston, TX 77020
Joe Nelson Icet       713 875 9569 
The Permaculture Guild of Houston
The Permaculture Guild of Houston consists of Permaculture Design Certificate holders who meet on a regular basis. The Teaching Guild meets regularly to plan the scheduled classes and to work out class logistics and needs of the group as a whole. This may include ongoing or future projects and long-term goals for the Guild. The Quarterly Guild meets 4 times a year. The mission of the Quarterly Guild is to perpetuate the existence and the work of the Guild by supporting the teaching of Permaculture classes and community involvement of the Guild. The quarterly meetings are intended to be an active outlet for current members, new graduates and interested parties for networking, information sharing, continuing education and fellowship.
Rhizome CollectiveThe Rhizome Collective
We are a collective that has been given a long-term rent-free donation of a 9,400 sq. ft. warehouse on the East Side of Austin. We are working to build the world we want: to live in, based upon the values of cooperation, autonomy, self­-empowerment, creativity, openness and mutual aid versus the values of competition, greed and exploitation upon which the dominant power structure relies and thrives. The practical application of our work consists of taking the techniques of sustainability practitioners and permaculturists, and innovating ways for them to be used at low or no cost.
300 Allen St., Austin, Tx 78702. (512) 385-3695 Working with Gardens and Orchards to Build Healthy Communities
Bob Randall
713-880-5540 Fax # 713-880-5545
1900 Kane St., Houston, 77007
Urban Harvest P.O. Box 980460 Houston, Texas 77098-0460
Utah (help us find contacts for this region, please)
Freshwater Organics     

Ranui Gardens, We are Utah’s Original Certified Organic Grower and continue to grow fresh and medicinal herbs for local and national markets. Please call and harrass us for more information.
Jenny, Susie, Johnny & Steven, 1459 Hoytsville Road, Dog Holler, Utah 84017 United States
Phone Number: 435-336-2813  Fax Number: 435-336-2331   or e-mail us at

Whole Systems Design
Regenerative design, resiliency planning, permaculture design consulting, courses.
Transition training, land and infrastructure for the post peak oil age. Farm design.
Permaculture consultant, food security, water systems planning, preparedness.
Root cellar, greenhouse design, secure home design, rural relocation.
Resilient homes & off-grid design. Vermont permaculture farm.
Institute for Social Ecology
1118 Maple Hill Rd. PO Box 89 Plainfield, VT 05667

Green Mountain Permaculture
Permaculture Design, Teaching and Consulting
Green Mountain Permaculture is located on 3.5 acres and has 275 feet of lakefront nested in the Lake Champlain Islands. 949 West Shore Road, Isle Lamotte, VT05463   (802) 928-3648

Chelsea greenChelsea Green Publishing Company
Post Office Box 428 Gates-Briggs Building #205
White River Junction, Vermont 05001
for sales, dial 800-639-4099, for catalogs / information, dial 802-295-6300 or fax 802-295-6444
Terra Perma Design
Jonathan Teller-Elsberg, 60 Church Street, Norwich VT 05055    802-649-1509
Polyface FarmPolyface, Inc. is a family owned, multi-generational, pasture-based, beyond organic, local-market farm and informational outreach in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.
We produce: Salad Bar Beef, Pigaerator Pork, Pastured Poultry (Eggs, Broilers, Turkeys), Forage-Based Rabbits, Forestry Products We are in the redemption business: healing the land, healing the food, healing the economy, and healing the culture. Writing, speaking, and farm tours offer various message venues.
Joel & Teresa Salatin, 43 Pure Meadows Lane, Swoope, VA 24479   540-885-3590
Daniel & Sheri Salatin, 115 Pure Meadows Lane, Swoope, VA 24479 540-887-8194 FAX: 540-885-5888
Tom Moates
Author of The Complete Hydraulic Ram Manual [to order, send check or money order for 14.95 (US) + 1.90 postage (or 3.20 for priority mail) to: THE HOMESTEAD PRESS P. O. Box 440 Floyd, Virginia 24091]

Dawn Shiner, Dancing Green, 121 Turtle Rock Dr., Floyd, Va, 24091 USA 

Majesty Farm, Kathryn Russell, 3539 Red Hill School Road, North Garden, Virginia 22959
Bull Run Mountain Vegetable Farm
Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship
11661 Harpers Ferry Road, Purcellville VA 20132   (540) 668-7640   (540) 668-7649 FAX     Andrew Pressman
The Blue Ridge Permaculture Network is a group of permaculture practitioners and educators living and working in the Central Virginia Bioregion. BRPN offers classes in permaculture and ecological design for those interested in learning more about permaculture and how it can be incorporated into their lives.
For questions about the Blue Ridge Permaculture Network or to be added to the permaculture events monthly e-newsletter, email Christine at:
Blog at
Radical Roots Farm
Founded in 2000 by Dave and Lee O'Neill, Radical Roots Farm produces high quality, ecologically grown vegetables. We use sustainable methods of farming such as cover cropping, crop rotation, attracting beneficial insects and applying compost. Without the use of synthetic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides, we rely on hand labor and natural cycles for the healthiest soil and vegetables.3083 Flook Lane, Keezletown, VA 22832      (540) 810-2587 Dave also teaches Permaculture with Peter Bane and others.
Seven Springs farm Seven Springs Farm is a 125 acre organic farm in Floyd County, Virginia, USA. Our philosophy is to steward the land ecologically with methods that build the fertility of the soil, using organic fertilizers & biodynamic compost. Our Organic Farming & Gardening Supply Catalog has a large variety of Natural Fertilizers, Animal Supplements, Grower's Supplies, & Seed. The farm is home to a 4 1/2 acre Community Supported Agriculture Garden. We host a Work Apprentice Program designed to teach an individual a realistic view of what is involved in running an organic farm.
Ph: 540-651-3228 Ron Juftes,    540-651-3226 Polly Hieser,     7springs[at]
426 Jerry Lane NE, Floyd County, Check, VA 24072 

Sharondale Farm, PO Box 375, Keswick, Virginia 2294   Tel: 434-296-3301
Sharondale offers the following products and tools for enjoying and cultivating your favorite gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.

• Fresh and dried mushrooms, and value-added mushroom products.
• Sawdust and grain spawn ready to inoculate logs, straw or other preferred substrates. Please call or email for availability of species.
• Inoculation tool kit: includes palm inoculation tool, 12mm high-speed drill bit with stop, 2lbs of cheese wax, 4 wax daubers, and 25 aluminum labels. Each item is available individually. Kits are available with or without a bag of sawdust spawn.
• Inoculated logs, inoculated woodchips and other mushroom substrates easy to transfer to your garden.
• Mushroom cultures ready to grow on your own sterile medium. Please call or email for availability of species.
• Mushroom cloning service. If you find a delectable local strain of a mushroom and want to capture it for future use, we will provide you with a pure culture clone or spawn from that mushroom. Please contact us for proper handling procedures.
• Mushroom landscaping. Let us design and install a diversity of mushrooms in your garden or landscape.

Our useful plants nursery offers food, flower and fiber plants for your garden. In the spring, we offer culinary and medicinal herbs and fruiting shrubs.


Evidence of Humanity is dedicated to the idea that we become what we dwell on. That’s why we develop programs and publish the positive and inspiring stories of what individuals, groups, and organizations are doing to improve our world.

Don Baker, Founder/Executive Director, learned the importance of helping others through his mother’s volunteer efforts with food banks and the Head Start program. Don gives his time to a number of organizations; Daybreak Star Cultural Center for United Indians of all Tribes Foundation, Greenpeace, America's Second Harvest, Washington Book and Braille Library, and the World Rhythm Festival.

Grocreate, Don and Kolea Baker, 7205 28th Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98117

Grocreate is dedicated to developing effective creative solutions for your design, advertising and marketing needs. We believe great creative services have a foundation of clear communication and client engagement. That’s why we listen carefully, and are very open and available to our clients’ input through the entire creative process.

New Road Map foundationYour Money or Your lIfeNew Road Map Foundation, PO Box 15320, Seattle, WA 98115
Since 1980 the New Road Map Foundation, in partnership with Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robbins, has educated millions of people worldwide on the 9-step program to personal financial transformation embodied in the book Your Money Or Your Life and the audio-cassette/workbook course Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence.
wild Thyme Farm AgroforestryWild Thyme Farm
72 Mattson Rd. Oakville, WA 98568
ph./fx. (360) 273-7117
Marisha Auerbach, 6420 Shawn Dr SW, Olympia, Wa 98512    (360) 943-5262

Bullock Brothers FarmThe Bullock's Permaculture Homestead, Orcas Island, WA, USA
Douglas, Joseph & Samuel Bullock

For over 25 years we have applied our shared experience to create what experts refer to as the finest permaculture site in North America. Together we develop and implement practical solutions for sustainable living while offering hands-on permaculture courses, workshops, internships, and more. See our website for details.

WE-Design, Michael Lockman, 2219 41st Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

WE-Design is a landscape firm specializing in edible landscaping, backyard wildlife habitat, landscaping for privacy, and water catchment systems.

Michael Lockman founded WE-Design in 1995 to offer sustainable design and consultation services to private home and landowners, nonprofit organizations, and municipal governments. A freelance writer, speaker and occasional professor, Michael also enjoys conducting workshops on the practice of permaculture and offers private consultation for special projects. Michael holds an M.A. in Ecological Design.

Living Systems Design GuildLiving Systems Design Guild, 211 NW 201st Shoreline, WA, 98177 Office: (206)-546-3119

Friends of the Trees Society
Michael Pilarski
PO Box, 4469, Bellingham, WA, 98227, U.S.A.
Ph: int+ 1 360 738 4972 Fax: int+ 1 360 738 4972

FRIENDS OF THE TREES SOCIETY (FTS) is a small, grassroots non-profit which has been operating continually since 1978— twenty-seven years of service to the trees and to tree-lovers worldwide. Our work has touched over 100,000 people so far.

- Eco-Living - Cultural & Ecological Designing, People - Place - Learning - Integration
John Schinnerer, MA
3822 24th Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98108 USA 206-725-3571
or HC2 Box 6482, Kea'au, HI 96749, Hawai'i Nation, 808-640-2994

yes!Yes! Positive Futures Network, PO Box 10818, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Ph: int+ 1 206 842 0216 Fax: int+ 1 206 842 5208,

Pomegranate Center Milenko Matanovic, Executive Director, 1400 NW Maple Street PO BOX 486 Issaquah, WA 98027
Tel. 425.557.6412 Fax 425.557.4662
Pomegranate Center is a non-profit community design and development organization helping communities utilize their unique gifts to become more vibrant and humane. We do this by integrating social, artistic and environmental perspectives into: 1. the creation of meaningful gathering spaces, 2. constructive and inclusive community-based planning, 3. educational outreach, research and training
Robert Mills / Legacy Gardens
Organic Gardening, Permaculture & Ecological Restoration, Consulting ~ Design & Project Management
12918 ne 122nd lane #k-205 ~ Kirkland, Washington 98034           425.830.3767 efax. 928.569.8251
Robert is also one of two full thyme Kitchen Gardeners at the Herb Farm Restaurant in Woodinville, Washington (   For much of the year. The Herbfarm kitchen gardens and farm supply the restaurant with an ever-changing harvest of common and unusual produce. Small local growers and producers provide wild mushrooms, heritage fruits, handmade cheeses, and rare treasures such as water grown wasabi root and artisanal caviars. Each day's menu is finalized only hours before the meal to best track the symphony of life on the land and sea. Week in and week out the Herbfarm's 9-course menu brings new delights.
Billy's Farm, Billy Allstot / Stephani Blackstead, 363 Rhemke Road, Tonasket, WA 98855
Collinwood FarmsCollinwood Farms, 1210 "F" Street, Port Townsend, Washington 98368
Amy's Garden, Scott and Amy Richards, 2814 N. Torpedo Rd., Oak Harbor, WA 98277 or by phone at (360) 240-8166.
The International Compost Tea Council, 14150 NE 20th St, Suite 293, Bellevue, WA 98007
Earthcare Design Solutions, Tyrone LaFay, 2719 Donovan Ave., Bellingham, WA. 98225

Seattle Permaculture Guild
This site is meant to be a gathering point for folks in Seattle wanting to practice, play with, and learn more about Permaculture. As many of us are busy spending our days sowing seeds and helping out with sustainability-oriented projects, this website can serve as a valuable, free, easy-to-use resource to support us in our work.
For more info send email to or
To subscribe to our maillist go to:

Other guilds in the region:
Renton Permaculture Guild: Contact: Craig Paynter at

Foundation for Sustainable Community has an interest in all things that support the concept of sustainable living and community.
We Define "Sustainable Community" as a synergistic way of living, where people and nature are all preserved and enhanced by thoughtful planning, careful use of resources and a reverential approach to life. Thus embraced, these attributes create an environment where all may thrive for untold generations. Marilene Richardson Also, Snohomish Permaculture Guild.
Wise Earth
Wilder FoundationThe Wilder Foundation
PO Box 485 Port Townsend, WA 98368
(206) 949-0496
A consortium of teachers / designers/ entrepreneurs created to promote and support permaculture education and design around the world. The Wilder Foundation currently has projects in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, Hawaii, and the Pacific NW of the United States. We focus our efforts in two main areas: permaculture design education and the establishment of permaculture nurseries. Founded by Jenny Pell, Douglas Bullock, and Chris Shanks.
Design Trek / Jonathan Scherch
Washington, District of Columbia (help us find contacts for this region, please)
West Virginia (help us find contacts for this region, please)


Forest Agriculture Enterprises, Mark L Shepard , P O Box 24 Viola, WI 54664
Offering complete Agroforestry and Permaculture design, consulting and installation services. Specializing in cold-hardy systems and woody agriculture utilizing chestnuts and hazels as staple crops. Experience in all aspects of Permaculture design from backyards to large farms. Permaculture Design courses, too.

Dreamtime Village, 10375 County Highway A La Farge, WI 54639
Telephones: P.O. (office): 608-625-4619 Hotel (lodging): 608-625-2412
Dreamtime Village is both an informal network of friends and contacts spread around the country and also a collective community of residents, buildings and land located in the Driftless Bioregion of southwest Wisconsin. Our activities center on permaculture, art, media and learning how to live sustainably. We welcome visitors but ask that visitors contact us in advance. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the website before visiting. We are actively looking for new interns and residents.

Caretaker Gazette The Caretaker Gazette - Gary C. Dunn, Publisher,
PO Box 540 River Falls, WI 54022-0540
Phone: (715) 426-5500
$29/year. A unique newsletter containing property caretaking and housesitting opportunities, advice, and information for property caretakers, housesitters, and landowners. Published since 1983, it's the only publication in the world dedicated to the property caretaking field.
Growing Power is a nationwide not for profit organization and land trust supporting people from diverse backgrounds and the environments they live in through the development of community food systems. Its model program, the Growing Power Community Food Center, is located on the last remaining farm in the city of Milwaukee. Demonstrating urban agriculture in action, it features five greenhouses sheltering exhibits in vermiculture, aquaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, horticulture and much more. Chickens, goats and bees complement permaculture and market garden demonstrations outside. Community food system training, farm tours, internships, and weekly purchase of affordable fresh food available.
5500 West Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee,WI 53218, Hope Finkelstein     414 527-1546
Community Supported AgricultureMadison Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition
Doug Wubben, Program Coordinator, PO Box 7814, Madison, WI 53707-7814     (608) 226-0300


Vermont Valley community farmVermont Valley Community Farm
Barb and David Perkins, and Joe Schmitt Families
4628 Cty Hwy FF, Blue Mounds, WI 53517
Phone: (608) 767-3860,
Harmony Valley Farm, S.3442 Wire Hollow Rd., Viroqua, WI 54665 (608) 483 2143
Wyoming (help us find contacts for this region, please)
Idle Thyme Farm is dedicated to sustainable farming practices and community supported agriculture.
3957 Paradise Road Carpenter, WY 82054
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