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Harmony Farm - A Khmer-run grassroots NGO in Cambodia. Harmony Farm strives to create a sustainable community in rural Beng Mealea, improving the lives of its children and practicing permaculture for self-sufficiency. Contact: Tel: (855) 63 69 01 288, Skype:, Email:


Moudubi Health & Agricultural Development Project
Main Akbar Hussein
House #122, Road #13/A, Dahnmandi, R/A, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh
Ph: int+ 880 02 313 623 Fax: int+ 880 02 813 095
Community Health & Development Program
Omar Faruque
I.T.W.A. Building, PO Galachipa, Patuakhali, Bangladesh
Ph: int+ 880 441 2770 242 Fax: int+ 880 02 813095 att: CHDP

Pitchandikulam Forest / Green Resources Centre
Joss Brooks and Anita Truchanas,
PO Box 605 101, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India
Ph: int+ 91 413 6 2365 Fax: int+ 91 413 862274 / 91 41338132

Biorama Trust
C.R. Ramanathaa Ganapathipalayam
Post Udumalpet Taluk, Tamil Nadu, 642122, India
Ph: int+ 91 04252 23136

Annamakai Reforestation Society
John Button
MIG 95, TNHB Colony, Tamarai Nagar, Tiruvannamalai 606601, Tamil Nadu, India
Ph:/Fax: int + 91 4175 23645
Coastal Development Planning Centre
Mihir R. Bhatt
25 Vasundhara Colony, Gulbai, Jkrd, Ahmedabad, Gujurat
State, 380006, India
Ph: int+ 91 79 656 8421 Ph: int+ 91 79 642 0056
Pc Association of India - Dr Venkat
117 East Marredpalli, Secunderabad, A.p 500026, India
Self Employed Womens' Association (SEWA)
Reema Nanavaty SEWA Reception Centre, opp Lok Manya Tilka, Baug Bhadra,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380 001, India.
int+ 91 79 5320 477 or 5320 444. Fax: int+ 91 79 5320 446
Centre for Education & Documentation
John D'Souza
3 Suleman Chambers, 4 Battery Street, Bombay 400001, India
Ph: int+ 91 (0)22 202 0019 or 287 5288
E.L.A. Ashram (Ecology Learning Action)
Shyamananda and Yoga Ratna
Atma Darshan Yogashram
589 10th Cross, 7th Block, Jayanagar, West Bangalore, 560082, India
Ph: int+ 91 80 663 9490

Central Plantation crops Research Institute
Kasaragod 671 124 Kerala India
SRadhakrishna Prabhu, Soil microbiologist with 10 years experience in bacterial biofertilizers for non-legumes, vermicomposting, biocontrol, green manuring and related subjects. E-mail :

Free of State
B-4, Puru Housing Society, Airport Road, Pune 411032, India

Our logo is an interpretation of Da Vinci’s The Man. Da Vinci’s original shows the balance and symmetry of the natural human form, the inherent strength to be found in each individual. Our logo, affectionately known as “Seed-of-Liberty Man,” expresses the same strength and vital energy with fluidity and grace. Seed-of-Liberty Man has burst through the paradigm of perceived restrictions, reaching beyond in an extension of self, stretching past known boundaries to go where none have gone before. He is framed by the organic shape of a seed pod, a natural potency of vital growth to the full potential of innate pure goodness of the unconditioned human mind. Grounded in the Law of Nature, growing from the soil of resolve, sustained by the water of hope, nourished by the sunshine of truth, he grows upward toward a higher possibility, while deepening his roots of inner strength and steadfastness. He is strong and graceful, grounded on earth and reaching toward heaven. He is a volunteer, DNA coded by the Law of Nature to make manifest among men the Law of Equal Liberty.

Solitude Farm, International Zone, Auroville 605101, Tamil Nadu, INDIA
Solitude Farm is a six acre sustainable farming community in South India. We grow much of our own food including oil seeds, lentils, vegetables, fruits, rice and millets. We are deeply inspired by Masanou Fukuoka's ideas of natural farming and the ideas of Permaculuture and work extensively with these techniques. As well as using alternative energy and practicing natural building, we aim at a dynamic, integrated community life, leaving room for music, art, poetry and other artistic adventure. We also run an organic restaurant on the farm and host volunteers from around the world.
We accept long and short term volunteers, and run several Natural Farming and Permaculture workshops throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us at latiruese[at]yahoo[dot]com or you can call +91 0413 2622068. You can find out more information about us on our facebook page.
Naurang House (level 6) 21 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001 India

T: +91.987.160.5353, F: +1.425.871.6510,
GTALK: permaculture.society, TWITTER: permaculture_in

A non-profit charitable research society dedicated to the dissemination of Permaculture Principles, values, ethics and information throughout the South Asian subcontinent.


Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance
-VOCA Jl. Tebet Dalam IV F, No. 75, Jakarta 12810, Indonesia.
Ph/Fax: int+(62) 21 829 1026
Attcha Universal Design
Petra & Russ, PO BOX 160, Ubud 80571
Bali & Indonesia     Tel/Fax : + 62 361 974152
IDEP - Indonesian Development of Education and Permaculture, Yayasan IDEP is an Indonesian non-profit NGO which encourages program sharing with other grass roots projects through media and curriculum development. Contact: Jalan Hanoman No 42, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, Tel/Fax: +62 361 981 504, Email:
DQ Farm - Involved in Permaculture since 1996, founders of the Sustainable Living Centre. Now running DQ Farm incorporating a range of Permaculture techniques. Contact: Lot 3.19, Level 3, Plaza Ampang City, Jalan Ampang, 50450 KL, Malaysia. Tel: 0193328213, Email:
Permaculture Perak - A former tea plantation 500 m/above sea level, six kilometers from the small village of Lenggong in the Perak State of central Malaysia.. The general focus is towards developing the land in a sustainable manner and employing principles learned from nature. Contact: Ladia Kuta, Tel: 0060 10 905 16 28 and 0060 12 535 7635, Email:
Murujan Permaculture Design,  A collective of skilled Permaculture designers who cooperate and strive to improve our environment, lifestyles and communities through teaching, ethical business ventures and consulting, aid work, open source research and development and more … Kuang, Selangor D. E., Malaysia. Within a half hour drive or train ride from Kuala Lumpur.


Jajarkot Permaculture Programme

The ancient Greeks well understood the importance of the household in working with nature while developing their economy, in one of the most advanced and harmonious civilizations of post-glacial times.

The local and officially registered name for the JPP is the “Grihasthashram Kendra”, or Centre.

So the JPP sees Permaculture, a design system using the application of principles of ecology for creating sustainable human habitats, as a design system for creating a sustainable Grihasthashram.



  • To strengthen the local economy through ecological and agricultural security, productivity and diversity, supporting locally produced goods and services.
  • To repair damaged lands into productive regions again.
  • To protect and improve the natural ecology and resource base of forest, soil and water.
  • To intensify production of food and other basic needs in a sustainable manner, as close to the consumer as possible, on the minimum amount of land, with minimum use of external resources.
  • Networking to share resources with like-minded organizations and individuals.
  • To support human rights for farmers, underprivileged and minority groups.

Jajarkot Permaculture Programme (JPP) P.O. Box 10908
Kathmandu, Nepal Fax: +977(1)259833
Telephone: Kathmandu 270466 (off.), 272167 (farm)
Nepalganj (081) 22389
Surkhet (083) 29313

ASEED-South Asia (Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Development)
is a sub regional non-governmental organization of youth and students in south Asia.
P.O.Box: 7933 Kirtipur Kathmandu, Nepal
Ved Raj Gnawaly Co-coordinator
Tel: +977-1-332004 E-mail: click here

Nepal Permaculture Group
Raj Maharjan, PO Box 8132, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977 01 498436 Fax: +977 01 421054

Nepal Community Support Group (NECOS)
Prasad Chhetry, GPO Box 3724 Thapathali, Katmandu, Nepal
Ph: int+ 977 01 213 827 Fax: int+ 977 01 225 277

Raju B Shrestha,
Bhimsengola, Purano Baneshwore,
GPO Box 8126, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Ph: int + 997 147 0210
Badri N Dahal
GPO Box 6716 Tangal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Ph: int+ 977 1 422 482
Fax: int+ 977 1 524 509
Mr Yam Bahadur Thakuri Malla
DPO Box 14, Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal
Ph: int+ 0977 056 21230 Fax: int+ 0977 056 21681
Nepal Discovery Tours

Unique trips, led by permaculturists, for individuals or groups who seek a more meaningful travel experience.
Pakistan Permaculture Designs


Cabiokid is a permaculture development site located on a 5,5 ha property in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija on the island of Luzon, Philippines. Its name is a contraction between Cabiao, bio and bukid, which means field in filipino. The development site is located about 90 km north of Manila and serves as an integrated farm designed and managed in accordance with permaculture ethics and principles. Cabiokid is also an experimental site for applied permaculture in the fields of education, technology, engineering and local economics.      farm 0-928-713-6011
Community Awareness and Services for Ecological Concern, Inc. (CASEC, Inc.)
P.O. Box 121, Main Post Office
Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines
A non-government, non-profit organization advocating and implementing permaculture ethics and projects. Ms. Ann Piquero-Dy, Executive Director
CASEC, Inc.-Phils., # 6 upper San Jose Street
Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines  6300
Tel.: ( 038 ) 235-3244    ( 038 ) 501-8163
Telefax: ( 038 ) 411-3003
Institute for Continuing Adult Education ( ICONE, Inc. ) A school for the poor" focusing on teaching permaculture introductory and in-depth courses. Boongon, Poblacion
Candijay, Bohol, Philippines  6300

Permaculture Institute of the Philippines
Cedar Farms, Dao District, Tagbilaran City Bohol 6300 Philippines tel. +63-038-412-3396, cell phone: +639278788343
Zenaida "Jean" Darunday, Vice President,

Permaculture Phillippines
Chief Executive Officer-

Philippine Permaculture Association PhilPermaculture operates as a learning community for: internalizing permaculture ethics & principles, strengthening design skills, and sharing natures wisdom. PhilPermacullture with its members propagate permaculture awareness, education and practices among the general public.

Cebu Permaculture Initiatives
NGO actively promoting permaculture as a way towards self sufficiency in food & energy, environmental rehabilitation & sustainability.
Our AIM is to showcase practical working solutions that will enable us to live in harmony with nature and the environment, this includes: grey water recycling, green roofs/walls, composting toilets, rainwater harvesting, organic kitchen gardens, pocket forests, vermi or worm culture, composting, house design appropriate for the tropics, alternative transpo, etc.

Our GOAL is to cultivate hope, contribute to the restoration of valuable forests & soil fertility, help develop a local economy, wean ourselves from the direct /indirect use of fossil fuels to the use of renewable small scale energies systems.

Sri Lanka

Ranjith de Silva
Gami Seva Sevana Organic Farm
Galaha Sri Lanka

The Panya Project / The Baan Thai Project

The Panya Project aims to be a thriving example of sustainable living in northern Thailand, while simultaneously providing a vehicle for growth and expansion for all those involved. In the words of one of the founding members, “We hope to continue to learn and grow every step of the way without being attached to where we are, or where we are going. I sincerely hope that this project can be living a culture of joy, appreciation, and expansion, while also allowing us to feel that we are contributing to the global movement toward a more sustainable world.”

Sittipong Kongtong
89/439 Moo 6, Lerd-U-bol Village,
Watcharaphol-Ramindra Road, Bangkhen,
Bangkok 10220, Thailand.

TACOMEPAI is a traditional organic farm run by a local Yon family who strive to maintain a sustainable and environmentally caring way of life. We are an active community of volunteers, guests and travellers working to preserve the customs and traditions of the local hill tribes, while growing as inidividuals with nature. Come stay in a secluded traditional hill tribe bungalow and learn traditional culture, herbology and organic farming as well as modern permaculture techniques. Learn to cook fresh healty food over a firepit, learn traditional Thai music and enjoy a friendly communal atmosphere.
Tacomepai 101 Moo 9, Baan Tin That, Tambol Tung Yao, Amphur Pai
Mae Hong Son 58130, Thailand
Mobile: +66 861123504 (Sandot Sukkaew)

The Metta Experiment - An experiment in loving kindness above all, we find unity in diversity and loving kindness in all things. current projects include Permaculture, organic farming and natural bamboo building. Contact: Mae Malai, Chiang Mai Thailand, Tel: (66) 81-386-3318, Email:

Permaculture Research Institute of Turkey

Viet Nam

PC Research & Training Dept
Nguyen Van Gia, Nguyen Van Man
C2B-Thanh Cong Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
Ph: int+ 844 8345 216 Fax: int+ 844 8353144
Viet Nam (Dong Xoai):
Sustainable Cacao Agroforestry Systems (SCAS)
Hillside Restoration & Water/Soil Conservation Project,
Forest Science Sub Institute of Vietnam (FSSIV) Research Farm,
Huong-lo 312, Nghia Trung Commune, Bu Dang District,
Binh Phuoc Province,
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
m. +84 (0) 909 861 520 (Viet Nam Mobile)

Hong Kong

Green Cottage
Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong
Produce Green,
Ms Yuen Yee Lau, 18 Hok Tau Nillage, Fan Ling
New Territories, Hong Kong
Japan Permaculture Center
PCCJ- has a Japanese language website, athough correspondence is also possible in English. Includes database of Japanese projects, with links. Contact: Kiyokazu Shidara Magino 1653, Fujino, Tsukui, Kanagawa 199-0206, Japan, Tel: + 81 (0)426 892 088, Email:

Permaculture Network Kyushu - An expanded network of colleagues learning Permaculture practices, based in Kyushu. To contribute to the community, to practice and to create a healthy and prosperous society. Contact: PNK, 918-1 Noguchi-cho, Kumamoto Prefecture, Tamana Taimei 918-1, TEL/FAX:0968-71-1106, E-mail:

Permaculture Kansai
Hiroshima Pamakaruchanettowaku - Workshops based on the concepts of Permaculture, showcasing a lifestyle that anyone can accomplish in their lives, even with limited resources. Building a Sustainable Future for You, Your Family & Region. E-mail: pcn.hiroshima @, Web:
Solomon Islands 
Kastom Garden Project & Planting Material Network
Tony Jansen
c/- DES, PO Box 972, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Ph: int+ xx 677 39551 Fax: int+ xx 677 21339
New Guinea
LIKLIK BUK INFORMATION CENTRE Appropriate Technology and Community Development Institute, Unitech, PMB Lae, Papua New Guinea
Phone: 675 + 473 4781 Fax: 675 + 473 4303
The Permaculture Institute of Afghanistan - A self sustaining Permaculture farm and training centre where the disenfranchised widows and orphans of Afghanistan can be empowered with the knowledge of Permaculture and in turn pass this knowledge on to others around Afghanistan. Email: mahboba@

Eden's Herbs Permaculture Farm
Bat-Zion Benjaminson - edenherbs {at} gmail
tel +972 8 994 1064, +972 50 634 4594 (mobile)

We are developing a food forest, medicinal herb farm/nursery, and general permaculture living infrastructure in semi-arid countryside at the edge of the Negev desert. Our goal is to develop a fully self-sustaining homestead in which Jewish laws and agricultural traditions form the foundation of modern sustainable living.
We frequently welcome WWOOF volunteers, tourists, and other visitors.

BUSTAN is a partnership of Jewish and Arab eco-builders, architects, academics, and farmers promoting social and environmental justice in Israel/Palestine. BUSTAN cultivates sustainable models to effect change by combining advocacy and in-depth political analysis with strategic action. BUSTAN utilizes the principles of permaculture and non-violent direct action across ethnic divides.
P.O. Box 6955, Jerusalem, Israel 91060

Kibbutz Lotan, Center for Creative Ecology

Kibbutz Lotan’s Center for Creative Ecology is rooted in “Tikkun Olam” -- the Jewish concept for repairing and transforming the world. It began with a small desert organic garden, and expanded to become a unique ecological education center that combines hands-on, experiential environmental education, within the framework of a living community. Utilizing creative recycling and alternative/natural building techniques, the center now includes an ecological theme park, migratory bird reserve, nature trails, recycling center, and constructed wetlands for treating the waste water of the entire kibbutz.

The Center has also created an eco-village within the kibbutz, which serves as the campus for the Green Apprenticeship, an intensive seven week permaculture and eco-village design course, which is offered four times a year. The eco-campus serves as a prototype model for sustainable living that is a learning experience in itself.

The Center for Creative Ecology is an innovator and model in Israel and beyond for promoting ecological building, waste management and environmental education, and also for its work in promoting sustainability through the building of bridges between different ethnic groups in Israel.

MA'AN Development Centre,
PO Box 51352, Jerusalem, Israel
Tel: int + 972 (0)2 998 6796/ 998 6698    Fax: int + 972-2-295-0755
click here

Meshek Zuf (Nectar Farm),
Meshek Zuf , Pardes Hana, Israel
Meshek Zuf (Nectar Farm) is a new permaculture farm being started in Pardes Hana, Israel. Meshek Zuf is half an acre (2 dunams) in a suburban area, sub tropical climate. Its a diverse farm growing vegetable, eggs, medicinal plants, and in few years fruits, and also books... since I started the first (and so far only) permaculture publication, named YA'AR (=forest), all practical human-land info printed on recycled paper (from orange peels and algea). I aim to bring to local non-english-readers practical working tools in hebrew. so far we have 3 books on the shelfs, one of them is the local guide to permaculture that I wrote, named "Paradise at your Front yard", 263 pages. Also at Meshek Zuf I give 4, 72 hr permaculture courses every year. (Talia developed the Shomera project in the Jerusalem Forest) Developments: Soon we will publish a translation of "The Humanure Handbook" by Jenkins, and "Small Steps Towards Abundence" by the local Dr. Elaine Solowey about hard food crops.
Email Talia : click here

Wing of Love
Boaz Miller, Moshav Neta'im, 76870, Israel
An ecological project in a wildlife park that helps disadvantaged young people to gain work skills, an income, and self-esteem through productive labour in a natural setting. Our wildlife park offers a sheltered and safe work place for young people with special needs. We use educational programs to develop good work habits caring for the wildlife and necessary skills (e.g. responsibility, work to time constraint, task completion) so that they can hold down a job when they leave us. We create opportunities for our young people to meet and interact with people without special needs. We also help them to develop business ventures in the park, such as breeding birds and farming organic eggs. Our park has over a hundred species of wildlife and specializes in fowl. We have a successful breeding centre as well. Developments: We are currently working with two groups of young people with special needs - one group of 13 year-olds and another of 18-21 year olds. We are about to open a hostel for "lost" youth, aged 14-16, who have dropped out of state education, and will re-educate to fit into society by teaching them to work in the wildlife park and develop business in the park, so that by the end of their stay with us they will have work experience and be able to go out and find their place in the work market. We are looking for financial support to develop our permaculture and to convert our animal cages into ecological enclosures.
Tel: +972 5282 49333  Email: click here

Permaculture Jordan
Marda Permaculture Farm
Palestine has some problems, and Marda brings some new solutions. The farm is an oasis of green in a land that is dry, where Palestinians have lived under great hardship, yet where there is a promise of a new future. We believe that permaculture is a key ingredient in the future, not only for Palestine, but for the Middle East and the world. We're setting out to show how it's done.
Bustan Qaraaqa (the Tortoise Garden) is a community permaculture project, based in the West Bank town of Beit Sahour (Shepherds’ Fields), close to the city of Bethlehem. The aim of the project is to propagate a grassroots environmental movement in the Palestinian Territories to address the problems of food insecurity and environmental degradation that threaten the well-being of the population; problems that are going unaddressed as a result of the ongoing Israeli military occupation which impedes effective development.
To link to our site, clip the graphic, paste in your page(s) and add this link:

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